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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

This is from one list I'm on. It mentions an interesting book where people detail their experiences with the Occupation, from 1948 or so to the present. It sounds really good. I like reading political stuff and stuff about the conflict, but this has the human interest aspect that I really really love.

“The U.S. president is not above international law”

Interview of Sam Bahour, Palestinian businessman and human-rights spokesperson
Mentions an interesting book…

This is from another list I'm on. I haven't gotten a chance to read most of this, but these are the highlights that sounded interesting and that I plan to read when I get a second.

ACTION 3: Racist Zionist says: “The Quran is a book of Hate”
Write to advertisers to stop advertising at this Islamophobe and racist show of Michael Savage. See this link for audio and action item details/contact information for advertisers:
In the New York Times article on the subject of Savage and his background, we find:
“At one point Mr. Savage — who was born Michael Weiner, and who still is, legally, Michael Weiner — led a visitor to a glass case that included a photo of him as a boy wearing a tallit, or Jewish prayer shawl.”
Jews especially need to disassociate themselves from bigots and racists like Weiner/aka Savage and David Frum. Their racism and bigotry if unchallenged by fellow Jews encourages anti-Semitism and hatred
Must see debate between Zionist Neocon David Frum and George Galloway
Zionist Jews attack Barak Obama. See this vitriolic article that equates calling for an end to the occupation and balanced US foreign policy with “Anti-Semitism”. Bizarre but relevant to understand and to challenge.
The reality is that Obama has gone out of his way to ignore human rights to satisfy the political need to get the Israel-First Lobby
For a an article "How Obama Learned to Love Israel"

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