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Monday, January 14, 2008

"Israel won't accept nuke weapons in Iran."

I saw this headline on Yahoo news..."Israel won't accept nuke weapons in Iran."

First, I must say, SO WHAT?! Let Israel deal with it. Or don't...they have nukes and have threatened to use them more than once! They are more of a loose cannon than some of the dictatorships we deal with. Israel is more dangerous because they feel they are under an existential threat (they aren't...look at the facts); the dictators aren't under that kind of pressure and are less likely to blow their tops.

Second, I know realistically that this will be our problem. GWB or the next president will be forced into dealing with this on behalf of Israel and could possibly drag us into trouble.

Speaking of trouble... the voice on our tape of the Iran approaching US boats incident ended up not being the correct accent to be real. And we were worried about theirs being a fake! That's great!

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