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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Interrogator Shares Saddam's Confessions

Tells 60 Minutes Former Iraqi Dictator Didn't Expect U.S. Invasion

This is interesting stuff. We rarely get a look like this at people like this.
The stuff everyone wants to know is on pg 4 and 5. It tells about the invasion and the fact that he considered Bin Laden a fanatic, didn't trust him, and thought him a threat to his regime. This was known before the invasion (as was the no link between Al Qaeda and Saddam), but Bush didn't really pay attention or didn't want anyone to know.

Also along these lines, in Bush's State of the Union address- his last, thankfully- he spoke rather proudly about how Al Qaeda in Iraq was on the run and his war and strategy was working, etc. Had we not invaded, Al Qaeda either wouldn't be there or wouldn't be an issue, being a threat to Saddam and all!

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