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Thursday, January 10, 2008

So, President Bush is in the Middle East trying to push a settlement of some sort. Could he be trying to make history for something besides unjustly attacking Iraq, Bushisms, and cowboy politics? It just isn’t going to happen. What did Annapolis accomplish? Nothing. Palestinians are still in a virtual (and actual) prison and Israelis are still running scared of suicide attacks. Israelis still say peace and moving forward is conditional upon Palestinian compliance with Israel’s list of demands. Israel is still not being held accountable for it’s human rights and international law violations and collective punishment of Palestinians. Conferences over the years are called and they talk about talking about peace. Deadlines come and go- didn’t Bush say near the beginning of his presidency there’d be a Palestinian state by 2006?

Bush: `Iran is a threat to world peace'

"Am I nudging them forward? Well, my trip was a pretty significant nudge because yesterday they had a meeting," he said.

-Ha! This is priceless. Classic Bush. Thinking he did more than he did. Trying to claim anything that happens as his doing in case something actually comes out of it. Then, he’d have his “Oslo” moment with photo op.

Rice's comments, published in The Jerusalem Post daily, marked the U.S. administration's strongest criticism yet of Israeli policies in disputed east Jerusalem.

Of unauthorized Jewish outposts in the West Bank, Bush said simply: "The agreement was get rid of outposts -- illegal outposts. And they ought to go."

-Great about the outposts. He’s actually calling Israel out, but all settlements and enlargements of such are illegal by international law, not just new outposts.

I wrote this yesterday.

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