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Thursday, January 17, 2008

These links are from a mailing list I'm on, but I've posted my own comments about the articles below them.

Candidates’ Unconditional Support Isn’t Right for Jewish State by John J. Mearsheimer
This really is the heart of the matter, the problem/puzzle in this country regarding Israel. It isn’t so much that our lawmakers love Israel; they love power and don’t want to lose their seat in Congress or other government post. He also puts his finger on a relatively new idea for me and that is that such unconditional support for Israel in foreign policy is detrimental to Israel. I hadn’t really thought about it that way until recently, but he’s correct. This is one of the guys at Chicago who wrote that controversial paper on the Israel Lobby in the US.

The Hands of Esau by Uri Avnery (also on Bush’s visit)
A very perceptive article on Bushs visit to the region. Avnery agrees with me that it looks as though Bush is trying to overshadow all the bad stuff he and his associates did while in power and how this is a ridiculous notion considering how he has no real clout his last year in office. The whole trip was a sad, sad joke (is there a word for when something is so hopeless and sad that you have to laugh…is that irony?) to me when I heard about it. What can they hope to accomplish in this last year after having neglected theses issues for the first 7 years in office, the parties knowing they won’t be dealing with Bush next year??

Mike Huckabee, Christian Zionist
A very good article that identifies the whole rapture, tribulation 100 year reign Tim LaHaye Left Behind doctrine for what it is: Premillennialism; error according to the Bible. He says Huckabee is a believer in this, which is not suprising since he’s a Baptist preacher, however, it is disturbing that he could be in the White House soon. I don’t know that I agree with the author’s last statement, though! Well, maybe I do in that Romney maybe wouldn’t be as inclined to use this pseudo Biblical principle as a guiding principle for the presidency and foreign policy of this country.

Must Read Gulf News Editorial addressed as a "Letter to George W. Bush"
This is a pretty good list of all the things that have really infuriated me about Bush, some of which I have blogged about. It is a seemingly never-ending list.

Israel Lobby Unrelenting in Efforts to Stifle Speech It Doesn’t Want Americans to Hear By Ron David
Less interesting and more specific-it deals with 3 examples-2 of institutions bowing to Israeli lobby influence and coming to their senses and one of Dershowitz’s fear of debating Finklestein.

Good article in the financial times: Of ordinariness and occupation

Ron Paul Reggae Song

The Arab vote in Michigan (there are half a million Arabs and Muslims in Michigan; their vote can be critical) See this CNN video:

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