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Wednesday, February 20, 2008


You know you eat out too much when your 2 year old beats the drive through person to the punch with "the straw's in the bag" !

She also goes around saying "no more buffets", which is what my husband and I say after we end up at the GC or CiCi's.

We gotta stop eating out!

Some other sayings:
Dinner cookie - treats on the kitchen island, whether eaten after dinner or not. I sometimes eat a cookie or just a little something sweet after dinner, so I guess she put a name on it.

Daddy's fixing his credit- she says when my husband shreds old bills and credit card offers.

Open this for Rashad- she says when she need help opening one of Rashad's toys that she has no intention of letting him play with. It was cuter when he was way too young for toys. He's just getting to an age where he can sit up and play, so we are going to have fun learning to share...

Baby Sue wants some Craisins- Sometimes her baby doll takes on her own personality...

Have a good one- She came out with that as we were leaving her grandparents. She was between and year and 18 months, just starting to put sentences together, so it was really really funny and cute. And unexpected. Bye-bye, yes; but have a good one?

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