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Thursday, March 27, 2008

My purse...or is it a diaper bag?

Well, what can I say about my purse. I do need a new one. And a a new haircut, but that's another story.

Something cute, maybe bigger than I usually get- I'm a sucker for a really small bag. I did see a few I liked. They were "on sale" for over $50, though, and were good sized and not the standard brown. I'm not sure I'm ready to splurge on a bag, though. At the beginning of the year I payed more for shoes -more than one pair, too- than I normally do. I'm surprised I found that many I even liked.

Anyway, I need something bigger to hold all the kid stuff I accumulate. Or I need to clean it out occasionally. No, let's just get a bigger one. Not the dreaded "mom purse"!!
I've been hauling around:
2 toddler utensils
red, yellow, and green crayons
5 or so of my daughter's hair bows and clips
a baby nail clipper shaped like a bumblebee
a doll diaper
some wires from unentangling a new toy from packaging
Tide pen

Ok, I'd have the Tide pen for myself since I can make more of a mess than my kids, actually. I didn't think I would put all the kid stuff in my purse. I always thought that's what a diaper bag is for. I don't know how all the stuff migrates in there, but I just realized it as I was looking for something today. So, if someone baby doll wants to eat or pee, I'm all set. If I want to write a check, though, I'm out of luck!

Monday, March 24, 2008

McCain and Rabbis

This stuff is from last week, but I've got a few things to say about them.

McCain Backs Israeli Actions In Gaza

Ok. Can McCain be any more obvious? He's not visiting the Palestinians at this time. Hmmm. Who's he courting?? Could it be the Jewish vote?? Foreign policy credentials. That's embellishing a bit. You could get by with that if you met with both sides. He's kissing up to American Jews by making nice with Israel and telling them what they want to hear. You are the victims, we'll protect you no mater what, of course you are justified in killing Palestinians etc, etc.

"That is not a way for people to live," McCain said. "No nation in the world can be attacked incessantly and have its population killed and intimidated without responding. That's one of the first obligations of government, to provide security for its citizens."
This quote is absolutely ridiculous in light of facts on the ground. Israel routinely harasses and kills the Palestinian population and that's ok. When Israel faces any sort of retaliation for their actions, suddenly they are being intimidated and justified in a violent response. It has been going on for 30+ years!! Innocents under attack by the Israeli military are in much more danger than those facing crude, homemade Palestinian rockets.

I guess the key is the last statement. Palestinians have no state and so they have no government whose job it would be to provide security for them. I guess if you don't have a state, you have no rights and don't matter. You are invisible. Or might as well be.

Arab MK to chief rabbis: Slam rabbinic calls to harm Arabs

Some rabbis are encouraging repayment for the seminary shooting- "measure for measure".
Whenever the radical Palestinians say something like this, it gets broad coverage on every major news network here in the States and is reinterpreted as the whole Palestinian population's view. I heard nothing about this except for this article. When rightist rabbis say these things it is the exception rather than the rule. When Palestinians say them, it is the rule rather than the exception. The news broadcasters (or their company) extrapolate and superimpose the views of extremists onto the whole Palestinian population.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Yesterday, leaving for work was especially hard- and not just because I'd only gotten ~3-4 hrs of sleep, either! My two-year-old, still in pajamas, runs to get her shoes and socks as I'm picking up my keys and lunch to go out the door. She half says/cries, "wanna pop in the car? wanna put on your shoes and socks?" It's hard to leave my two kids on a normal day, but that was almost too much! She says pop in the car and hop goes the weasel. Too cute! She also picked up the word "president" this weekend.

She loves a 3 syllable word, that's for sure. And commercials. She doesn't watch a lot of kids shows, but LOVES commercials. The one with the dog at camp-"there may be bugs on some of you mugs, but there ain't no bugs on me". The Campbells ones that say "pos-si-bil-ities". The Goodwill one with the cartoon girl and boy- "Opportunities for a better life". She's mezmerized by the cell phone one with Chad and his gang of competitors. There are more I can't remember right now. One funny or not so funny thing is that she could hum the little McDonald's jingle before she had such a great vocabulary. It must have been somewhere between 1 yr and 18mos. A little embarassing, as we probably ate a little too much Mickey D's around that time if we were too lazy to cook, which we were, a lot.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Facebook makes foreign policy, opposes international law, and supports brutal occupation

Facebook gets entangled in Middle East conflict

So, it looks like Facebook rightly had been calling the place where illegal Jewish settlers live, Palestine. They whined quite loudly, I'd guess, and got Facebook to call illegal Jewish settlements Israel. Facebook is now determining our foreign policy. Great!

Ok, so maybe they don't determine the policy, but they aren't halping matters when they mkae "rulings" in opposition to international law (Geneva Convention) and the US's own foreign policy positions. Our obsequeously pro-Israel government even admits that these settlements and expansion of such is not ok, so for Facebook to call settlements part of Israel is overstepping it's bounds to say the least.

Now, I will go easy on them if they allow me to say I'm from the moon or Mars or Neverneverland. If I can say I'm from those places, then settlers can equally say they are from Israel. Same difference.

Well, I can see how Facebook may have gotten confused. The US disagrees with Israel expanding/building settlements and as far as I know, considers such illegal under the Geneva Convnetion, but only sporadically says anything about it. Even when officials speak on it, it is only to make suggestions or slap on the wrist. Other nations would and do face sanctions, harsh language and maybe even threats of invasion for lesser crimes/actions. Not Israel! We continue to fund their illegal and brutal occupation, land grabs, extrajudicial assassinations, closures, and other collective punishment to the tune of $3 billion or more a year. (at teh expense of our own populations' needs)

Politicians would rather keep their high paying jobs where they can legislate themselves pay raises than stand up for peace and justice and serve the public.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Scam-Residential Email/ESBI: semi-legal, totally shady internet scam!!

This is one you can't really recognize, unlike the 419 scams which have a hallmark ring to them or even just print at all! So, this one isn't one you fall for really, knowingly, but one more like identity theft where you just notice it one day if you are one to examine bills before forking over your money.

On our bill this past month for our local phone carrier,EMBARQ, my husband noticed a $14.95+$1.01tax charge for "Residential Email Mo Fee" on a separate page labeled "ESBI" with an explanation of 3rd party billing. Whaaa?? Our email is cable, for one thing. For another, WE DIDN'T SIGN UP FOR ANYTHING! Well, my husband called them (Residential Email, number provided), cussed them out and told them we weren't paying. They said ok. No arguments. Someone backing down that easily knows they are shady and in the wrong. Apparently, while he was yelling, the rep kept trying to tell him about the "service" to get him to "keep" when he'd take a breath. She mentioned something about $1000 in coupons she claims he signed up for on the internet or some idiotic thing. I called the next day to ask what she had on file and she had our phone and home address and my husband's email. (So it was him and not me!) She wanted to give me her sales pitch while she was bringing up our record (we have a record for something we didn't order?), but I cut her off and said I don't want to hear it, I think you are scamming people, and I just want to know how to avoid this so please tell me how we got on this list. As a matter of fact, when you call in, they ask you to type in your phone number like you are inquiring about a legitimate phone company charge before you speak with a representative.

You local carrier is allowed to pass on 3rd party charges, so that's legal. I think you can get that "feature" blocked-we're looking into that today. The companies, or at least one I saw while researching this situation, has a "F" rating with the BBB. Go figure!

From what I can gather, you "sign up" for this by entering sweepstakes, filling in your info for a free this or that, taking online surveys, etc. Some people found that the email address on file wasn't even theirs. All, like us, didn't directly sign up for this garbage. Apparently it is in the Terms and Conditions when you are filling online forms (generally for stuff unrelated to this Residential Email company) that they are allowed to bill you, etc. I find it incredibly unfair and shady to advertise one thing, have your sign up window below that, then in fine print (or separate link) to Terms which have nothing to do with what you think you are signing up for, but really are other opportunist, scum charging you for a bogus service.

Here are some links to blogs and info about this:
The first is the BBB thing I found, the second is an account similar to ours.

Here's my Rip Off Report for McDonald's:

Call me a complainer, but I won a Shell Gas Card in the 2008 McDonald's Monopoly online game (Free Parking space) and never saw it. They said they sent it (surprise), so I guess that makes me a liar. True, I didn't lose any money, but it still deserves some sort of mention.