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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Facebook makes foreign policy, opposes international law, and supports brutal occupation

Facebook gets entangled in Middle East conflict

So, it looks like Facebook rightly had been calling the place where illegal Jewish settlers live, Palestine. They whined quite loudly, I'd guess, and got Facebook to call illegal Jewish settlements Israel. Facebook is now determining our foreign policy. Great!

Ok, so maybe they don't determine the policy, but they aren't halping matters when they mkae "rulings" in opposition to international law (Geneva Convention) and the US's own foreign policy positions. Our obsequeously pro-Israel government even admits that these settlements and expansion of such is not ok, so for Facebook to call settlements part of Israel is overstepping it's bounds to say the least.

Now, I will go easy on them if they allow me to say I'm from the moon or Mars or Neverneverland. If I can say I'm from those places, then settlers can equally say they are from Israel. Same difference.

Well, I can see how Facebook may have gotten confused. The US disagrees with Israel expanding/building settlements and as far as I know, considers such illegal under the Geneva Convnetion, but only sporadically says anything about it. Even when officials speak on it, it is only to make suggestions or slap on the wrist. Other nations would and do face sanctions, harsh language and maybe even threats of invasion for lesser crimes/actions. Not Israel! We continue to fund their illegal and brutal occupation, land grabs, extrajudicial assassinations, closures, and other collective punishment to the tune of $3 billion or more a year. (at teh expense of our own populations' needs)

Politicians would rather keep their high paying jobs where they can legislate themselves pay raises than stand up for peace and justice and serve the public.

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