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Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Yesterday, leaving for work was especially hard- and not just because I'd only gotten ~3-4 hrs of sleep, either! My two-year-old, still in pajamas, runs to get her shoes and socks as I'm picking up my keys and lunch to go out the door. She half says/cries, "wanna pop in the car? wanna put on your shoes and socks?" It's hard to leave my two kids on a normal day, but that was almost too much! She says pop in the car and hop goes the weasel. Too cute! She also picked up the word "president" this weekend.

She loves a 3 syllable word, that's for sure. And commercials. She doesn't watch a lot of kids shows, but LOVES commercials. The one with the dog at camp-"there may be bugs on some of you mugs, but there ain't no bugs on me". The Campbells ones that say "pos-si-bil-ities". The Goodwill one with the cartoon girl and boy- "Opportunities for a better life". She's mezmerized by the cell phone one with Chad and his gang of competitors. There are more I can't remember right now. One funny or not so funny thing is that she could hum the little McDonald's jingle before she had such a great vocabulary. It must have been somewhere between 1 yr and 18mos. A little embarassing, as we probably ate a little too much Mickey D's around that time if we were too lazy to cook, which we were, a lot.

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