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Thursday, March 27, 2008

My purse...or is it a diaper bag?

Well, what can I say about my purse. I do need a new one. And a a new haircut, but that's another story.

Something cute, maybe bigger than I usually get- I'm a sucker for a really small bag. I did see a few I liked. They were "on sale" for over $50, though, and were good sized and not the standard brown. I'm not sure I'm ready to splurge on a bag, though. At the beginning of the year I payed more for shoes -more than one pair, too- than I normally do. I'm surprised I found that many I even liked.

Anyway, I need something bigger to hold all the kid stuff I accumulate. Or I need to clean it out occasionally. No, let's just get a bigger one. Not the dreaded "mom purse"!!
I've been hauling around:
2 toddler utensils
red, yellow, and green crayons
5 or so of my daughter's hair bows and clips
a baby nail clipper shaped like a bumblebee
a doll diaper
some wires from unentangling a new toy from packaging
Tide pen

Ok, I'd have the Tide pen for myself since I can make more of a mess than my kids, actually. I didn't think I would put all the kid stuff in my purse. I always thought that's what a diaper bag is for. I don't know how all the stuff migrates in there, but I just realized it as I was looking for something today. So, if someone baby doll wants to eat or pee, I'm all set. If I want to write a check, though, I'm out of luck!

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