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Monday, April 7, 2008

alternate universe- planet Bush

Again, I'm late in commenting on "current" affairs. I would make such a bad reporter. My "news" would always be a month old.

Anyway, I just had a few things to note about Cheney and Rice's visit to the Middle East a few weeks ago.

Settlement Plans Eclipse Rice Talks

Surprise, Surprise. Israel's building more settlements. What happens? Virtually nothing. They flout international law, the roadmap, and other agreements as well as our stated position on the matter and we still have this special love for them. Not so for the Palestinians. It is just the opposite there. Whatever strides they make toward peace and democracy are dismissed because a small fraction of the population exists and has radical beliefs.

Rice still dares to say that we are on track for peace in 2009. Whaaa? Did she visit the same region I know as the Middle East? She definitely took a page from Bush's playbook. It is either super optimistic (bordering on delusional) or delusional to say such a thing. You can change your attitude by this method. Smile and you'll be happier. I buy it. I've done it. It just won't work with world events, though. Sorry, Condi. Even if you say we're on track, we won't be until some things change. The US position being one of them.

Hamas 'wrecking Mid-East peace'

If you thought Rice was delusional, this guy's unbelievable. Cheney. Why would we believe anything he says. He was the guy who stuck to his guns about the 9/11 -Al Qaeda link long after that myth had been debunked (on 60 minutes I think).

At least we know Condi is trying. She at least mentions the fact that Israel is building settlements in violation of international law and the US position and that this may pose problems for peace. Cheney just parrots whatever the Israeli spokesperson says, regardless of how ridiculous it sounds in light of facts. He toes the party line- and it's not even an American party! Sometimes I wonder if he's a US government official or Israeli. You really can't tell most of the time. Israel's interests seem to trump American ones for him. Invade Iraq? Done.

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