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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

American accused of giving nuclear secrets to Israel

American accused of giving nuclear secrets to Israel

My first reaction is AGAIN?!! Any other country that does this to us (or keeps doing so) does not have such good relations with us. Spying and stealing secrets generally affects our relationship negatively with any country...except Israel. We keep coming back for more. We give an inch ... and , well, you know the rest. They are the little kid that keeps testing their parents' boundaries.

This quote I found particularly funny:
a senior Israeli defense official said "I find it hard to believe that, after the Pollard affair, we would recruit an American spy."

I LOL'ed. ROTFL, et al. Recruiting Americans to give info to Israel? Hard to believe?? What? This happens all the time. It's probably happening right now, as I write. Not all are as high profile as Pollard or this guy who got caught recently. The Mossad recruits tons of American Jews to do things to help Israel inside the US, whether it's set up a fake storefront to facilitate surveillance or actually pass classified material, it happens all the time. So, hard to believe? No. Not at all. Not that they'll admit it anytime soon. Until recently, they still referred to the facility at Dimona as the textile factory, long after the world knew the nukes were actually made and stored there.

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