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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Genocide and a Meeting With Terror

Carter wants US talks with Hamas

The Fox News headline, not surprisingly, is “Meeting with Terror”. They are always so over the top like an overly dramatic teenage girl. Their take on events is always entertaining. They never disappoint, there. Hope no one takes them seriously, though. It’s entertainment, not news, folks. Like the Daily Show, but different.

Anyway, our government should take a lesson from Carter. Meet with ALL involved. Hamas was elected in the democratic elections that the US and Israel demanded for peace talks to progress. When the results didn’t shake out like the US wanted, they took steps that got Gaza where it is today-in humanitarian crisis.

I was kind of disappointed that it sounds like a main goal of talks with Hamas is to get the Israeli prisoner released, not to do much else. Maybe that’s the reporting. I don’t know. Maybe Carter’s backing away from his position. Trying to make it less about Hamas and more about Israel.


More public calls for Palestinian genocide….and silence.

Genocide announced

This is a must read. It’s about those racist rabbis calling for genocide of Palestinians. It also references Avigdor Lieberman. On both, I am surprised that our government has not addressed the messages. Or am I?

It doesn’t seem like there is any public outcry or call to dissociate from these rabbis or the call to kill Palestinians. After 9/11 and throughout the war on terror, Arabs have denounced terrorism on TV, in mosques, in newspapers, etc. There is a deafening silence here, though.

There is no attention being drawn to the fact that there is no public outcry against such racist calls to action, unlike when an Arab extremist proclaims such things. Instead, in this case, people ask where is the denunciation of terror by Arabs when it is all around in all media forms.

Manifest Destiny?
Uri Avnery


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