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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I didn't imagine it. I thought maybe I'd confused some news stories as I was listening to CNN while nodding off on the couch...

Mofaz said: "Israel would attack Iran "if it continues with its programme for developing nuclear weapons". "

Mofaz criticised over Iran threat

If this is true (and it probably is), who do you think will foot the bill? Who do you think will volunteer it's citizens gladly, without a thought to what's in its citizens' best interest? Israel won't even have to declare war. There will be some back door calls or visits to the White House by Israeli officials and we will happily sacrifice our sons and daughters for Israel's paranoid perceived existential threat because we have promised to protect Israel at all costs. It's in the oath of office for president and Congress. It must be. Why else would we hold to this even when it completely is at odds with our interests and security??

Israel's writing a check our American butts are going to have to cash. But that's never happened before, right? ;)

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