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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Camera or weapon? Who can tell the difference?

Cameras and guns alike are dangerous to Israel. The difference is they have to act like they believe free press and cameras are ok with them; they don't with weapons on suspected terrorists.

A journalist was killed by Israel recently. This is much more newsworthy than the thousands that die (including kids) who aren't famous or journalists, unfortunately. Israel appears concerned...

Government spokesman Mark Regev said Israel understood the role of an independent, free press in a free society.

"These are situations that are faced internationally and we have got to find a better way to try to make sure journalists are not caught up in crossfire," he told the BBC.

Oh, wait. Not so fast...
The Israeli military will not take action against a tank crew that killed a Reuters television cameraman and eight other Palestinian civilians in Gaza and has defended the decision to shoot as "sound".
So it wasn't concern so much as lip service.

Israel has a lot of these "mix ups". Perhaps they aren't as accidental as they want us to think...

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