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Monday, September 15, 2008

Gas prices. Yikes!

Gas went up from $3.60 in my area to $4.25 ($3.99 for the 2 other stations on the road) on Friday. This was before Ike hit. Some people reported it and it went “down” to $3.99 the next day, the equivalent of some other stations down the road. Saturday, the same day I noticed it was “down”, it went back up to $4.25 by the end of the day.

Now, I had looked into the whole gas price thing, read stuff by people who said oil companies were profiting, some said it was the market and nothing’s wrong, some said it’s because soon there won’t be any resources left and oil companies are trying to recoup losses now. I was kind of leaning toward the latter two explanations. Until now. I really think there’s something fishy going on. The refineries weren’t hardly damaged and the high price ahead of the storm still holds. Somebody’s raking in some serious profits.

If McCain puts Palin on the economy or energy or anything related to that, then we won’t get any relief or results. Oil companies will continue to take advantage. She is governor of a state that doesn’t really need to worry much about budget, so her experience there is going to be limited as well. Alaska’s economy is driven by oil, oil pays the bills, so she will see no need to investigate them. She hasn’t lived where gas is $4.00 and up per gallon and citizens don't get money back from oil. I think she even worked to get more money to people in this way and so Alaskans got paid more at the rest of the country's expense.

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