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Thursday, September 11, 2008


I guess I should say something about the mudslide of late.

Lipstick on a pig. I've heard that before. Yes, McCain used it, but I had heard it before that. It's a common saying and he was reportedly in a rural area, so it was relevant. What's the big deal? Palin compared or called, as some would say, a pit bull. Is that any better? Had Obama said or repeated that, he'd be accused of calling her a female dog. The context was not women, Palin, weight, women who stink, etc. The context was the McCain campaign saying the same things, but changing their slogan to change. The whole change thing sounds a lot more evil and hokey when Democrats used it, I guess. Now it's cool.

What looks more like mud is:

"Messiah complex" ad tops McCain's accusation of Obama would put himself first, not country first:

sex ed ad:

9/16/08 edit: The McCain campaign released a Web ad Wednesday that plays Obama's lipstick comments, then asks, "Ready to lead? No. Ready to smear? Yes."
McCain needs to watch it on that one, given the ads cited above. But then again, they're still repeating Sarah Palin said thanks but no thanks to the Bridge to Nowhere, when that has been well proven to be a half truth at best.
Facts don't really matter sometimes. Like when the line's as catchy as that one is. It sounds good, over and over and over and over and over... and over again.

Some say to ignore the mud and get back to the issues. I'd say yes and no. Yes, it can be petty and we should pay more attention to the issues and sort fact from fiction, but I think Obama should respond to the mudslinging. If he ignores it, he'll end up like Kerry. If he gets too flustered, that won't look good and it's not necessary since they are lies anyway. And why not talk about the mud? As long as we are talking about the issues too. An issue to me is how the candidates act under the pressure and mudslinging and who do they surround themselves with-bloodthirsty, dasterdly Karl Roves or composed, civilized individuals? I guess the mud serves some purpose.

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