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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

symbolism and trash/ endangered words!

Much like California efforts to get a sewage plant named after W, Israel has gotten a permit to dump it's trash in Nablus. We all knew this was the attitude of the Israeli government toward Palestinians, but I guess this just adds another layer. The rest of the world doesn't think of Palestinians in this way. The recent archaeological discovery near the site of the dump proves that the Palestinian Territories have a rich history that needs to be preserved and protected. If only someone could convince Israel of value of the land and people it has been trying to suppress, silence, and generally "disappear".
The Jihad and weddings subtitle made me laugh. What could be more romantic than killing?
Anyway, the idea of Bin Laden as a poet is pretty funny, too. It would be intriguing to look at some of this stuff. I mean, how did he go from so unpolished to revered and feared? He's still no more qualified to issue a fatwa than I am--it makes no sense.

In less political news, there is a save the words campaign going on. Anyone want to adopt a word?
The BBC and other British organizations have adopted an obscure, endangered word in hopes that it won't be excluded from the dictionary. As I was listening to this on the radio, I was thinking of a political blurb using a bunch of them, but it seems someone beat me to it if you read the comments on the article, so I won't bother. Funny stuff.

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