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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Obama's shoes a metaphor? Really, people?

Picture here, among other places- many, many other places:

This is circulating in Democratic circles in comparison with Palin's $150,000 in expenses for 2 months. Really?? Come on!! This is crazy. Obama's no more of a regular guy than McCain, except McCain married rich as well. Obama's just probably not into shoes as much as Palin. Men's shoes are pretty boring. Palin's attempts at hockey mom everywoman don't fool me any more than Biden's bus riding Scranton routine. Career politicians- they're rich, we know it, don't insult our intelligence.

I can't remember where I read that the founding fathers meant for the "average Joe" to be able to participate in Congress, work his normal job, etc. They didn't really intend for the career politicians to run Washington.

I don't really think that how much the candidates spend on clothes or shoes will translate into how they will run the country. Except possibly in a very general way. Maybe. One site that posted the picture proclaimed how glad they were about the picture and what it means, yada yada yada and how happy they were that Obama is their choice. Silly stuff.

And Palin's had some issues with on the job expenses that are potentially more troubling than a clothes budget- clothes she claims she will donate. Perhaps she will donate them to her daughter- if I were the daughter, I might be hoping for that- if I loved the suit motif, that is.

Speaking of silly... some people apparently camped out for early voting like it was Duke basketball or like they were buying concert tickets or something. Got a kick out of that! I plan to roll into my early voting location tomorrow and see virtually no one. Like the primaries.

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