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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

911, Joe McCain and looking back at the campaign...

This looks to be a funny site, aside from the actual emergencies, of course. I wonder if Joe McCain's infamous traffic call is on here?

I didn't even know about thisJoe McCain traffic call incident until today, even though articles are dated October 24, 2008. This and things like it make me think about how both presidential candidates conducted their campaigns this year. McCain or his "people" really hammered Obama in stump speeches, robocalls, emails, TV ads, etc on a handful of "associations" (insinuating bad judgment), whether or not there was any real substance and well after it was proven the claims were false or misleading. Obama and his people had plenty of opportunity to stoop to that level with Bush having competed against McCain in recent history, the Republican primary race having dragged out some dirt, etc, but there are alot of associations of McCain's that I didn't hear a mention of in an Obama ad or Obama or Biden stump speech (yes, I know we did hear some).

McCain associations:
Negative campaigning, focus on Obama issues/connections proven false or misleading
Choosing Palin as VP, though unqualified
McCain's associates profited from the Abramoff scandal
Keating five
G. Gordon Liddy, McCain even visited his radio show
1980's ties to Contras
Oliver North
Cindy McCain's money, jet scrutiny by FEC
Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act
Various lobbyist connections- Rick Davis, Charles Black, Merk McKinnon, Tom Loeffler
Rev. Hagee- on the radical fringe; McCain sought his endorsement for a year; said things like God sent Hitler to force the Jews back to Israel and Hurricane Katrina was sent because of Gay Pride events in Louisiana.
Rod Parsley
Palin's secessionist ties
Palin's Troopergate
Bob Jones University

And these from :
"But as long as we're on the subject, McCain's associations continue to be increasingly interesting as well. We've known for a while that McCain has befriended a convicted felon who advised his supporters on how best to shoot federal officials, used the money of a convicted criminal to help buy a house, befriended a radical anti-Catholic televangelist, befriended a radical anti-American televangelist, was a long-time associate of Charles Keating, and hired for his campaign the publisher of a Confederate nostalgia magazine who has described Nelson Mandela as a "terrorist." This week, we also learned about McCain serving on the board of the extremist U.S. Council for World Freedom, where he worked alongside Iran-Contra figures, and a eugenics researcher studying "white superiority." … Leonore Annenberg- of Obama/Ayers fame; Oregon Citizens' Alliance, a right wing hate group"

Anyway, I was for the most part happy that Obama delivered on not stooping and spiraling into a negative campaign tit for tat. He stayed calm and collected and really appeared to stay above the fray, as one would expect a leader to do. I hope he can deliver on what he promised. Presidents disappoint, but one can still hope...

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