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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The morning after

Newsweek special election edition- behind the scenes- hope the best parts aren’t written here, otherwise it could be disappointing. It could be interesting. I think I have to see it.

I suppose we should save pins, memorobelia from this campaign and put it in a time capsule or otherwise protect it so that we can take it on Antiques Roadshow when we’re 100 and tell about how we saw the first (biracial) African American president elected. I have thought about doing this for several big events in my short life, but never have actually done it.

It really is an exciting event. I was all caught up in how much I didn’t want McCain and Palin to take over from W and the relief that Obama will be the president. For reasons I have already stated, he’s the best for the job. Now, I am thinking about the historic nature of this whole thing.

Top Campaign Ads

Cabinet picks
I hope to take a look at these, preferably before Obama picks them (!):

Chief of Staff
Rahm Emanuel
Jon Podesta
Tom Daschle

Attorney General
Janet Napolitano
Eric Holder

Secretary of State
Richard Lugar
Sen. John Kerry, former U.N. Ambassador Dick Holbrooke, current foreign policy adviser Susan Rice and Greg Craig, another top Obama foreign policy adviser

Treasury Secretary
Paul Volcker
Warren Buffet
Michael Bloomberg

Defense Secretary
Keep Robert Gates
Sens. Chuck Hagel and Lugar, as well as Democrats like Sen. Jack Reed - a strong congressional voice on foreign policy - Holbrooke and Richard Danzig

Secretary Of Agriculture
Tom Vilsack

Secretary Of Energy
Dan Reicher
Ed Rendell
Jason Grument
Steve Westly

Arnold Schwarzenegger
Pete Domenici
James Woolsey

Secretary Of Education
Joel Klein
Caroline Kennedy

White House Counsel
Mark Alexander
Robert Bauer

Secretary Of Defense
Colin Powell

Attorney General
Deval Patrick

Treasury Secretary
Tim Geithner
Larry Summers

EPA Head
Robert Sussman

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