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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Cease fire for aid for a crisis that doesn't exist???

If Israel can lie about facts that are so obvious, why does anyone believe anything they say (i.e. they are working for peace)?

The crisis doesn’t exist and supplies are getting in (it’s just that no one sees them?) and yet Israel has conceded 3 hours of their genocidal vengeance to allow humanitarian aid for the nonexistent humanitarian crisis in Gaza. Makes sense. At least as much as anything else they do.

“In Geneva, the international Red Cross said Gaza was in a "full-blown" humanitarian crisis.”

“Israeli leaders say there is no humanitarian crisis and that they have allowed the delivery of vital supplies.”
Two quotes are from :

Not exactly the first time Israeli official statements have stood in such obvious contrast to the facts… What I wonder is do they actually believe that garbage or do they know they have to convince people that night is day?

No humanitarian crisis?? They caused the initial humanitarian crisis by their continued occupation, blockades, attacks and most recent escalation. Blockading and bombing a captive population already in crisis makes it worse, it doesn’t make food, fuel and medical supplies miraculously appear! And three hours to get necessary supplies in today?? That’s a cruel joke. I’m glad Israel finally decided to let aid in, however brief, to the crisis that doesn’t exist.

What better way to control the discourse? A media blackout. The freedom (?) of Israeli press is an interesting subject anyway, but this is blatant and extreme. I guess there really is no other way to justify Israeli aggression than to silence the other side.

These links added 1/9/08:

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