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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Clinton Says U.S. Must Not ‘Give Up’ on Mideast Peace

‘Clinton Says U.S. Must Not ‘Give Up’ on Mideast Peace’
Clinton Pledges Tough Diplomacy and a Fast Start

US must not give up on Mideast peace?? We want to give up because of lack of progress. Progress is not achieved because we heavily favor one side and support them in a false military solution to a political problem. How can we do more good than harm?

The solution for the problem of making the US a more helpful presence is easy. The impact of us being unbiased or at least in favor of justice and human rights for all in the region will likely be too unpleasant (losing elections…the ultimate horror!!) to ever be implemented.

“Her emphasis on the civilian costs of the violence in Gaza suggested that the incoming administration might be more inclined than President Bush has been to urge restraint on the Israelis.”

For people worried about a change in policy from the status quo- DON’T!
She’s concerned (ok, maybe not concerned, but she’s emphasized) about humanitarian costs. This needs some translation as it is pretty meaningless as is. Notice how she doesn’t call for a cease-fire or end to occupation, which is actually the root cause of the humanitarian situation by the way. What she means to say is that Israel can continue to occupy and punish the captive Palestinian population, just don’t hit them too hard. Keep the body count low enough so as not to cause international outrage at our support for Israel's racist, Zionist operations. I fear any pleas for Israel to not make us look utterly foolish (which is what a call for Israeli restraint is) will fall on deaf ears-- as evidenced by Olmert’s very bold and recent comments about Bush and Rice.

Oh but I guess this “restraint” urged by Clinton would in fact be a break with the Bush administration. Maybe Clinton will rescue our Mideast policy from its current position of falling off the scale into the abyss. Don’t worry- we’ll still be on the extreme right, in bed with the Zionist militant hawkish Israeli right. I guess that’s an improvement. It’s still a long, long way from being in a position to be an effective mediator for a just and lasting peace that protects the rights of everyone in the region.

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