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Friday, January 2, 2009

Are Palestinians in general or Hamas the source of "existential" fears in Israel- death toll always proves it's the former

Israel could just walk in and capture Hamas leaders, as the Palestinians have no real military force. The issue really comes down to how Israel views human life and Palestinians. Since it is obviously justifiable to them to massacre 400 to kill just one top Hamas official that they could capture if they were half as skilled, funded, armed, etc as they are hailed to be, one has to conclude that they don’t believe Palestinians are human or else believe their own lives more valuable than Palestinian civilians‘. In a capture, perhaps their military death toll would increase by a few more, but the civilian death toll would absolutely be significantly reduced by hundreds. Why sacrifice one Israeli when you can drop a bomb and sacrifice none, right? Never mind that you will murder hundreds of innocents in the process. If they have specific targets in mind, this bombing of universities, houses and businesses is unquestionably unjustifiable. ***

Gaza: Where Civilians Become Targets
Israel accuses Hamas of hiding 'terrorist infrastructure' among civilians, but does that justify the slaughter of innocent Gazans?
by Andrea Becker

Israel's spokespersons may
constantly repeat
that these attacks are "targeted", but targeted attacks
don't kill this many civilians. They don't destroy and cause chaos and panic in
entirely residential areas. If we accept - by silence or without questioning -
that anything and everyone can be defined as "terrorist infrastructure", then we
are designating all civilians in Gaza as being targets. And the targeting
Video from makeshift treatment room:

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