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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Israeli "taking care" of Gazans...the way they know best...

Israelis 'shot at fleeing Gazans'

"An initial inquiry into the allegation raised by B'tselem has concluded that the claims are without foundation.

"The IDF goes to great lengths to avoid harming Palestinians uninvolved in combat and reiterates that it is Hamas that chooses to launch its attacks against Israeli towns from within civilian areas."

Of course the initial “inquiry” concluded the claims are without foundation! “Inquiries” probably involve asking the soldiers involved what happened, if it is that in-depth at all!

The IDF/IOF obviously DOES NOT go to any lengths to avoid harming Palestinians. One could probably make a much better case that it tries to harm them, but in a way that won’t raise too much suspicion. Well, even if Israel ordered all Palestinians to gas chambers, I’m sure our government and Israel’s supporters would find a way to justify that as well. The rockets... How would you like it if...

Even if Hamas is firing from civilian areas, Israel still has a responsibility to respect innocent human life. It uses the “Hamas is using civilians as human shields” or "Hamas is 'hiding' in civilian areas” to justify its own targeting of civilians. And the fact that Hamas is in civilian areas isn’t odd- they are civilians, a militia, a product of Israel.

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