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Thursday, January 8, 2009

"Joe" the Propagandist

Joe the Plumber to become war correspondent

He may have to wait a year to buy a business, but he’s written a book and now he’s a “war correspondent”. What next for Joe? Why not Fox News? He’s got all the qualifications, as displayed here (pro-Israel bias and ignorance on the issues):

“At one stop, he agreed with a McCain supporter who asked if he believed a vote for Obama was a vote for the death of Israel.”

He’s going to be covering the fighting from Israel?? Who’s fighting in Israel? Perhaps he means the elections there? ☺

He wants Israeli “Average Joe’s” to tell their story. Six figures is hardly average, Joe. Instead of the fighting, he will most likely be “covering” Zionist and extreme right public opinion. I doubt we’ll see any Arab Israelis or Israeli voices for peace on his little propaganda video.

Who will he interview? Rocket attack victims, ultra orthodox Jews, illegal settlers deported from Gaza, New Yorkers- not exactly average as they are the exception, not the rule- except maybe New Yorkers. If he’d follow a Palestinian around in Gaza or the West Bank, he would know the true meaning of existential threat. Palestinians make up half the population of Israel and the Occupied Territories, but I bet you won’t hear these Average Joe’s stories, unless of course they hate Hamas and will agree blame them for the Palestinian death toll and Israeli war crimes.

The big question is will he be treated to the same Israeli hospitality journalist Ben Wedeman was?

To all those Republicans who criticized those who dared suggest Joe misrepresented himself as average and criticized Obama for thrusting him into the spotlight: I think Joe's right where he wanted to be all along.

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