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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Last Bush Press Conference

The question about his past mistakes is particularly interesting for 2 reasons. First, a few years ago that same question received an answer of can I get back to you because I can't think of any (!). Second, the "disappointments" he mentions I would call monumental mistakes with far reaching consequences, the biggest stains on his legacy, while his "mistakes" he listed were pretty minor things. I could add more… I think I have a blog post or two somewhere with a list.

"Clearly putting a "Mission Accomplished" on a aircraft carrier was a
I've thought long and hard about Katrina -- you know, could I have
done something differently, like land Air Force One either in New Orleans or
Baton Rouge."

The issue wasn't when or if he came to visit! It was the whole slow and messed up response and the FEMA debacle where his cronyism got him in deep.

"There have been disappointments. Abu Ghraib obviously was a huge disappointment
during the presidency. Not having weapons of mass destruction was a significant

Abu Ghraib and finding no WMD in Iraq after having invaded were disappointments?? Abu Ghraib was a disaster! An international scandal. Not finding WMD in Iraq (or invading before you knew) was so much more than a mistake. It proved the administration had an agenda other than the defense of our nation and finding those responsible for 9/11. It did prove diplomacy was lacking and sorely needed and that the pre-emptive policy is not effective and just wrong. We claimed to give Hussein an ultimatum then follow through with enforcing law, but given the time frame and the way we approached the UN, then went ahead without a real consensus, the whole thing became a really bad joke, a nightmare that turned us into greedy occupiers and ruthless invaders and lawless torturers.

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