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Monday, March 23, 2009

missed opportunity for real change on Israel/Palestine

Having Chas Freeman on the National Intelligence Council could have been really good for "change". Guess Obama's not looking to get change at the expense of an early lame duck situation (which AIPAC could arrange). We could have really had a real national discussion about our influence in the Middle East, human rights, international law, etc. The choice of Freeman really fit well with Obama's approach of appointing a wide range of people to bounce ideas off of. Except on Israel. We have to placate our Israeli constituency, right? We must appoint people who "love" Israel and would never admit Israel was doing anything remotely wrong (despite the truckloads of evidence to the contrary)-- OR ELSE-- no re-election. That's always the bottom line. Forget peace and justice and the sanctity of life. Power and money are the important things in life. Apparently.

What's kind of sad about this is that Israel, who can't vote in our elections, dictates our foreign policy in the region. That alone would be bad, but what's worse is that they have convinced us it's our idea and that it's "right" and moral. History is not going to look favorably on this. We're going to look like a bunch of idiots.

The Lobby Falters

Freeman's statement upon getting dumped:

Schumer and Emanuel's involvement in the dumping:

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