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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Question and 'professor fired for speaking out'

Question to anyone who wants to answer: Is having a professor removed or denied tenure (Kovel, Finkelstein) for criticizing Israel at all similar to firing a person for analyzing and/or condemning governments of other countries (i.e. France, China, Iran, Cuba for human rights, communism, lack of freedom of speech, etc.)- or is it apples and oranges or is one more acceptable or crazy to you than the other?

Generally, Americans get up in arms about crackdowns on freedom of speech. This is one of the things that makes our country. It's why many come here from other countries to live.

When someone gets fired for criticizing Israel, the crowds clear out, people look the other way. No one wants to be called anti-Semitic for defending (even factually correct) criticism of Israel.

Let me just say it-
HATRED OF JEWS (or technically Semites, which would include Arabs, ironically) IS ANTI-SEMITISM!

Here is Joel Kovel's statement after being fired from Bard:

Here's a piece that goes into the criticism = anti-Semitism bit:

The end of this article made me chuckle:

“Long Live Israel,” scream the US fans. “Anyone who doesn’t like our team is an anti-Semite.” I want to shout: “Go Back to Israel where you didn’t come from.”


This also got me thinking about those wrongly accused (Sami Al-Arian) and how easy it is for people to accuse and how hard it is to prove innocence and get your reputation back.

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  1. Every mmoron knows that the term Antisemitism is directed at Jews alone! It really has nothing to do with Semites, as you casually mention.

    Anti-Israel statments may be Antisemitic depending on the content and context of the speech.

    The trick is that when you place unreasonable demands on a person, people or country, you are showing your racist attitude.

    Directed at Jews, this is Antisemitism, directed at Israel this is Anti-Israel.

    So when you complain about how ISrael came to control certain land, and you ignore the fact that many other countriesm including the US, came by their land in the same way, you are being Anti-Israel, by singling out Israel for njustified acts.

    It's back to the sandbox for you!!