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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Question:Is it reasonable to expect these conditions for Palestinians, but none for Israel?

Is it reasonable to expect (these) conditions for Palestinians, but none for Israel?

Renounce violence – Israel doesn’t

Recognize Israel - Israel doesn’t have to recognize Palestine

Accept Roadmap- Israel rejects (Israel supporters claim Israel follows this, all agreements and ceasefires, but teh 14 reservations that must be in place before it can think about accepting it kind or defeat it's purpose in the first place.)

Roadmap- Israel said they’d sign but had 14 reservations (Palestinians not allowed violence or incitement/criticism, but Israel is, no discussion of settlements, etc) so wouldn’t observe it (??).
Here are the 14 – totally guts the agreement; they should just say no, we won’t do it. But then maybe they'd lose the "man of peace" moniker, so scratch that.

Several of these are their obligations under international law, hence should occur independently and not be conditional upon any Palestinian actions.

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