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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Britain bans Savage and a look at Israel

Maybe some think I'm reaching, here, to compare this thing in Britain with Israel, but really I'm not. It's about freedom of speech and the government's place. What happened in Britain may be surprising, but in Israel, it's chronic-- and there's the whole issue of controlling the West Bank and denying residents entry (this should get at least as much attention as the Savage ban--it's more absurd and wrong!)...

CNN made the point that Savage was getting more publicity from this than going over there quietly, so he should be glad. Kinda funny. They kind of implied that he really couldn't complain like he was and I'd have to say yes and no...

Now on to the post I wrote earlier...

OK, people are up in arms about Britain banning loudmouth Michael Savage. Maybe they aren’t up in arms, but they are talking about it with a hint of surprise or shock in their voices.

Look at Israel’s list of banned individuals. They are supposed to be democratic, Western, open, etc as well. Are we as shocked at Israel’s antics as we are at Britain’s? Do we expect such repressive behavior form Israel that it’s not worth talking about? Or do we prefer to sweep such things under the rug given that we are committed to giving them billions of dollars a year for all eternity and this is really embarrassing?

Some of Israel's banned:
(a comprehensive list of some 3000 or more is beyond my ability, but this is quite lengthy)

Israel deports former pop star Cat Stevens

Israel bars Arab parties from election

Christian deported from Israel for mission work

deported for human rights work

deported from Israel

many witnesses denied entry

Richard Falk denied entry and deported

Norman Finkelstein denied entry
10 year ban

The Beatles were banned for some time-- and they may yet deny the Pope, apparently.

Denied entry to Christian clergy

Israel denies entry to Muslim wife of Jewish Iranian immigrant

Here's the West Bank issue and Israel's denial of entry that could be considered ethnic cleansing, as residents aren't allowed back in, Muslim or Arab spouses of Jews are routinely denied in order to force families to move or be torn apart, these are just some examples.

And then there’s the issue of Israel not allowing “foreigners” and foreigners in and out of the Occupied Territories..

Number of people denied entry into Israel up 61 percent since 2005

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