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Monday, June 15, 2009

Read the fine print: Netanyahu agrees to two states... or does he?

He didn't agree to two states so much as one apartheid state and one amorphous ( and constantly shrinking) pseudostate with no military (?!?!) with several other provisions that flout international law and past agreements. Like their "recognition" of the Roadmap peace plan, the so-called reservations (check out the Roadmap's 14) for this momentous announcement negate it completely. If you're not going to remove ALL settlements and withdraw completely to pre-1967 borders, as Resolution 242 requires, then you are lying; you are not serious about peace.

Israel has made it clear that Iran is the only item on their agenda and that they think (absurdly) that Iran, not peace with Palestinians, is central to their and the region's peace and stability. This little publicity stunt is probably meant to shift the conversation away from settlements, which most Americans are coming to their senses about. And to warm up the White House for Lieberman's visit. We are a glutton for punishment. First Netanyahu, then Lieberman? What's next? Are we going to host a reunion of all the 1948 terrorists who are still alive? We could invite Rahm Emanuel's dad- we know he's good for some hateful slurs.

Avigdor Lieberman, the terrorist FM and top "diplomat", is coming to Washington this week. We should be banning this guy, not treating him with any sort of respect or credibility! As I have said before- because of this guy, we should be boycotting the entire state of Israel. If we let this terrorist in our country, then we should have NO problem honoring Hamas (the military wing, not the other) in the same way. Break out the red carpet for them and call them men of peace.

Netanyahu sets conditions for new peace talks

While Netanyahu called for renewed peace talks without preconditions, he outlined a series of demands for the talks.

This guy is a fountain spewing doublespeak! He is full of it! Unbelievable. Yet Obama is probably taking this as a sign of his influence. Too bad, Israel is in reality making a fool out of us. That's par for the course, though.

Along with his call for Palestinians to accept a demilitarized state and explicitly recognize Israel as a Jewish nation, Netanyahu said there would be no discussion of ceding control of any parts of Jerusalem to establish a capital of a future Palestinian state or of allowing Palestinian refugees to return to ancestral homes they fled in 1948 when Israel was established in British-mandate

This is clearly a dead end. Who would accept those terms?? But in case you had any doubt, Netanyahu puts the nail in the coffin for peace with his remarks on settlements, all of which are illegal and would need to be removed for a viable Palestinian state.

But Netanyahu defended the settlers as Jewish pioneers and indicated that he would continue to support settlement construction in the West Bank .

"The settlers are neither the enemies of the people, nor are they the enemies of peace," Netanyahu said. "They are our brothers and sisters. Pioneers. Zionists. Principled people."

Principled people do not settle on land stolen by their country. Principled people don't make us believe the lie that Israel wants peace and two states, all the while grabbing land illegally with a goal and belief of a Greater Israel (the equal and opposite of "pushing Israel into the sea").

If settlers are brothers, not enemies, pioneers, and princlipled people, then so are Palestinian suicide bombers and rocket launchers.

But that's not how it is. The double standard says that it is ok for us to talk to terrorist and extremist Jews, but not Palestinians. It's ok to let Israel pick off the (scantily armed) security forces and imprison Parliament members, but fine to condemn Palestinians for lack of control over the area. It's every Jew's natural right to live in Israel (and apparently settlements on Palestinian land), but Palestinians aren't even afforded the right of return guaranteed them by the same UN Resolution Israel uses to justify it's very existance. It's ok for Israel to brutally oppress, imprison and punish the entire Palestinian population for the crimes of a few, but fine for us to ignore atrocities and violations of law ordered by Israel's top officials. In fact, we let terrorist Zionist Jews have state visits, but won't even talk to extremists on the other side. First, the British promise the land to Arabs, France, Zionists (and of course themselves) in an overlaping and deceitful fashion and make a huge mess of things, then we get involved and continue to stir the pot and side with the transplanted Europeans, rather than follow and enforce international law.

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