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Thursday, July 30, 2009

2 Non-Israel/Palestine Double Standards

These are two double standards I've heard blurbs about in the news recently. They don't have much to do with the Israel-Palestine thing, if you can believe it.

The first is rather new; the second is pretty old, but a persistent problem.

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Saberi vs. journalists we hold in the same way

We made a big deal about getting Roxana Saberi freed; should we do the same to journalists we have imprisoned? I mean, where are the protests and extensive coverage?

This, like the contrast in coverage of Iran protesters vs. Honduran protesters, makes me worry what the government and press is trying to cook up with regards to Iran. Maybe we won't even try to prove imminent threat and make a WMD charge (if wrong) this time. Maybe the groundwork has been laid for us to go to war with rulers we deem deficient in concessions to our side of an issue, rulers who are generally disagreeable or troublemakers, rulers whose people we deem not sufficiently free, etc.

But, back to the double standard-
Are we Americans acting like Iran in sending journalists to Guantanamo?

(two page article)

These are highlighted in the article:
Ibrahim Jassam, a cameraman and photographer for the Reuters news agency
Sami Haj, a cameraman for the Al Jazeera TV network
Associated Press photographer Bilal Hussein

How many more are there?

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The School of the Americas/ WHINSEC

I was first introduced to the School of Assassins (Americas) by this guy, I think. I haven’t seen this site 'til I Googled him today, but he is the guy I emailed and got a VHS tape from. An email list I was on gave his name and email and a brief description of the contents. It’s been years. Maybe it was 2000 or 2001? I was horrified and rather surprised there wasn’t more of an outcry such that I’d have heard something about it.

Anyway, the School of the Americas graduates dictators and soldiers who would later perpetrate massacres in Central America. Most recently, it was said that the coup leader, Micheletti, who took over in Honduras, is also a graduate of this “school”.

What is the purpose in this? Nothing would justify such behavior we taught dictators and others, but we generally have motives, regardless if they make sense or not. In the Middle East, we act unjustly because of oil, Holocaust guilt, the appearance of a Western-style government and whatever else. What’s the deal here?

Here’s the watchdog group:

Its other name is WHINSEC. And Blackwater is now Xe. How do you re-brand murder? I wonder how that works for them.

A book:
The School of the Americas: Military Training and Political Violence in the Americas

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