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Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Yes, it is not true. This is yet another viral email forward being passed through cyberspace "unchecked". There was one individual, no Muslims, there was no actual attack, and it was a prison, not a church of Christ building where the disturbance occurred. A disturbance at a prison. Go figure.

Please fact check your email forwards! We all believe things in email on occasion; it happens to the best of us! If snopes, hoaxslayer, or googling a sentence doesn't avail you of something, call or email the person/organization involved before passing something like this on. It not only is damaging to the group being falsely accused or talked about, it reflects poorly on Christians (in this case) and yourself!

Back to the email...
This happened in July, but it is making the email rounds (and church bulletin) the past few weeks. I saw it on a message board. Once on the internet, errors and all are immortalized, so I’m sure you’ll see this text again soon! But at least you won’t be duped.

For the clarifications and corrections:

And now..........

THE email forward:


Muslims disrupt prison ministry in Lubbock

This comes from an elder at Green Lawn Church of Christ in Lubbock.

For the last 8 years I, along with Robby Rhodes and Charles McGowan from the Green Lawn congregation have traveled to a prison every third Sunday to conduct bible studies, worship, visits and encourage the inmates who have become followers of Jesus Christ. The numbers are growing and we have been very encouraged with the work. However yesterday, we got a taste of what I believe is the future of Christianity in America .

Just before our assembly began about 15 inmates who have never been to our assembly showed up and asked if they could join us in our worship. Our Christian brothers welcomed them. As one of our brothers (who is an inmate) began the assembly several in the group, (who were Muslim) began to openly and rudely interrupt the assembly by asking questions and challenging the young Christian man who was trying to start the assembly by reading scripture. It became very apparent that these visitors did not come to listen but to interrupt and indoctrinate. They were starting to become belligerent and finally I stood up and told them that this was a Christian assembly for the purpose of worshiping the Creator of the Universe, and His Son, and that they were free to stay, learn and observe, but that it was neither the time nor place for such a public debate.

This seemed to calm them down only for the moment. The guard who was outside the room heard their shouting, stepped in and ordered the men to be quiet or leave. Later Robby Rhodes had to again address the Muslims because of their constant interruptions of the assembly. Later, when our brothers in Christ began passing the plates for the Lord’s Supper, the leader of the radical group grabbed a plate of bread, dumped it in his lap and told the whole assembly to “Eat this.”

At that point some of the Muslims came over to me and the other elders and started calling us Satan worshipers, white pigs and evil. They vowed to stop our preaching and teaching of Jesus. I thought, “How blessed we were to be verbally attacked because of the Name of Jesus.

Remember it was Jesus who said, “Blessed are you when people insult you, persecute you and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of me. Rejoice and be glad, because great is your reward in heaven, for in the same way they persecuted the prophets who were before you” (Matthew 5:11, 12). I believe that If it were not for the presence of the guard it would have become very violent, and possibly deadly. It will not surprise me that our continued visits will eventually lead to our being attacked and harmed.

Our guard was a female about the age of 50, and it is my firm belief that if those men had wanted to, they could have harmed or even killed us yesterday before she could have received the help needed to squelch the attacks. It is my conviction that yesterday was a glimpse of the future for all Christians in America . I also believe that any faith that is not deeply rooted in Jesus will not survive the future when the attacks come. Maybe this is God’s way of getting our minds back on the important things in the kingdom of His Dear Son . I have also concluded that we must pray for those who have been too deceived by the teachings of a man named Mohammed. I ask for prayers for me, not necessarily for my safety, but that God will continue to give me the boldness, wisdom and courage to continue preaching and teaching the gospel about Jesus Christ and Him crucified and the kingdom of God . All praise and Glory to Him.



Finally, some Christians will probably think I'm conceding something to "the Moslems" and some Muslims probably won't agree with my religious views that I may talk about next. Be that as it may, I think we can talk about Christian and Muslim beliefs among ourselves or with Muslims without the fearmongering. It is more profitable for all that way. I'm not minimizing the differences between Christianity and Islam or converting to Islam. I just want the facts. If you want to talk about the difference between Jesus in the Bible and the Quran, great. Just leave out "radical group" misnomer, irrational fear for ones life, opinions on "a glimpse of the future", etc.

"a glimpse of the future for Christians in America" - Really? How many of you have been prevented from worshiping or verbally attacked by Muslims here? Probably not nearly as many as the number of Muslims who have been attacked, verbally or otherwise in this country. That's just a guess, though.

There was a comment on the message board that I saw this on that this is easy to believe because this is a real danger given the way things are now. ??? This is the post 9/11 march to war on false pretenses garbage. We don't know Muslims, so we fear and hate them. It is a Cold War mentality. It is the same type of thing that allows Israel to be the eternal victim and hence it can do whatever it needs to do, even perpetrate acts of unthinkable violence on a large scale.

Also rather interesting is the timing of this blowup. Comments in response to this "article" in various places has been fear and concern about radicals and the "fact" that though Muslims appear peaceful, the Quran teaches hate and justifies violence in general and subjugation of women. Never mind that cherry picking in the Bible and ignoring certain text and context can and has brought some people to the same conclusion... Anyway, it's kind of funny (ironic) to hear this sort of talk during Ramadan-- during which they are to
"control anger, behave kindly, participate in community service, give to charity and generally help others,"* among other things. I don't get why Christians don't talk about these things more. If they did, seems like they'd have more of an opportunity to discuss salvation than in stirring up fear and talking about the more political issues- like "peace and freedom are being threatened by the growing influence of Islam."**

*= (quote from :

**= (quote from - Aug 23,2009 bulletin - a church bulletin is not the place for political commentary/opinion, IMO, clearly)

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