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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Israeli voices- we love the right

Anderson Cooper's show the night before last:

I watched a bit of this, but the panel was rather curious. I don’t know if he called them a panel of experts, but I hope not.

Oren- Israeli ambassador. I’ll give them that, though, you already know what he’s going to say. Defending settlements and Israel’s behavior no matter how crazy or hypocritical the argument.

Zakaria- He’s an analyst. I’ll give them that, but he’s CNN, so that’s a little lame.

And last, but not least (?)…
Shmuley Boteach??- Shalom in the Home? Is that what qualifies him? Or the protesting outside the UN? Maybe Supernanny had something to say- let’s get her on. Or me. I’ve written some letters to the president.


Reminds me on NPR when Halevy was making the rounds on The Story to tell his story

and on Diane Rehm as an analyst.

At least Diane Rehm had another guest that could present the other point of view!

As for Mr. Cooper, why not call on Illan Pappe or Amira Hass or Neve Gordon or Gideon Levy when you need as Israeli? I thought MSNBC was supposed to be liberal? Maybe it was shout out to the right night? What was the deal? Perhaps Boteach was supposed to keep it light? I give up.

I should cut him some slack, though. I'm not actually that familiar with his show, so maybe he does invite more of a variety than others, but that night was particularly hawk-heavy.

It seems we inordinately hear from the right-most Israeli voices in the US. If we could hear from the Israeli left, maybe more in the US would demand that Israel follow the law? Or we could have a decent discussion without those demanding Israel abide by international law or face consequences being dismissed as terrorist sympathizers.

If you want to hear from the Israeli left, you have to go dig it up yourself. The mainstream as yet seems unable to deliver. It will be well worth your while to do so. Enlightening, maybe.

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