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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

kids say...

I should really write more of the kids' sayings down. I'm going to forget all of it. I guess this and emailing myself stuff is the best I can do now. I hope it will end up in a baby book one day.

I should really submit this one to Parents or something. Classic.
I took my daughter potty at a bridal shower I went to recently and was busy keeping her "on task" and trying to keep her from snooping around. As she poked her head in the shower, she asked when Lori was going to take her shower or if she was going to take the shower after she opened the presents or something like that. My kids' language have always been really good for whatever reason, but you forget sometimes how hard it must be to get some of the meanings we take for granted. Just makes you wonder when you say things and they are silent what mental image they are getting.

She recently slammed the door on her finger and the nail came off. She told her Grandma that she'd grow a new one and show it to her.

My son calls dryer sheets, 'dryer sheeps'. That one's so cute that I haven't corrected him yet. I wonder if he thinks of sheep when he says it.

He also alerts us to dirty diapers with an unsolicited "I not pooping!" if you look at him.

The kids both "call" their aunt on play phones and sometimes we let them do the real thing. A week or so before his 2nd birthday, my husband let him do this and he held an entire little conversation. He sounded so grown up. He'd say, "I'm going to be 2, Ginger," and answered questions like a big boy.

And pay attention when they say they are going to "play deal." It means they are going to shred a piece of paper or preferably (for them) tissues (or an entire box worth).

Playing "I know" is fun for all- yell at the top of your lungs when the vacuum is on. My husband used to do that, so that one may be genetic.

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