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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Reactions to Obama's Middle East Peace Plan and Settlements

So, Israel is again made an announcement to build/expand settlements around the time of talks with the US on a settlement freeze. We are supposed to be a superpower or something, but little Israel sure knows how to make us look like a superfool! We need to boycott, divest and sanction if we want results. Clearly, the decades of asking nicely and ignoring the violations of law aren't inducing them to comply.

In the article, telling it like it is:

"Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is trying to have it both ways."


I have used a variety of metaphors to explain this, but here it is in plain terms. In the above article, Hanan Ashrawi telling it like it is:

"What Netanyahu is doing is clearly at the scale of a grand deception," said Fatah spokesperson Hanan Ashrawi.

"He thinks that he can deceive the rest of the world... but what he is doing under a variety of pretexts is the continuation of settlements and at the same time demanding a price in return."

Edit: Sept 10, 2009- 2 quotes below are from the article-

Obama's ready to cave and give Israel what it wants in return for its doing nothing, but the EU's standing firm...for now:

The European Union expressed "serious concern" over Israel's latest moves to expand settlements.

"The European Union reiterates its call on Israel to immediately end settlement activities, including in East Jerusalem," the EU said in a statement.

And a profound truth from Erekat:
"If you could not convince the Israelis to stop settlement activity, will anybody in the Arab and Islamic world believe you can make Israel return to the '67 borders or withdraw from settlements?" he said.


Israeli troops 'ill-treat kids'

Seeing this, it reminded me of folks who have sent me pics of dead Israelis, Palestinian kids in suicide bomber gear, and other images to "see what I think." They ask how could I criticize Israel, why am I "anti-Semitic," why do I side with them- given the gruesome video or picture they forwarded to me. I could return the favor and send them an equally gruesome picture or video of Israelis beating, killing, and maiming Palestinian kids (there are plenty out there), but for the fact that I can't stand looking at these pictures and it makes me sick to see them used to prove whatever messed up, sane, or other point you may be trying to make.

Why I "side with them" is more likely due to my ability to state the obvious, my shock at the entity with the biggest advantage crying victim...and being believed (at least by Americans), a sense of (lack of) justice and shock at the fact that we aren't fighting for it- we're siding with the oppressor. No, I don't like the sight of dead Israelis. Nor do I think empathy for the oppressed should be the basis for accusations of bigotry.

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