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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Israel doesn't spy on us

Israel's espionage history

This appears to be a bad link, so here's something that may be similar.

A Long History: Israeli Espionage Against the US

The author of this one also wrote a book that might be interesting:
Breaking the "Unwritten Rule" in Israeli Espionage

These are some older links below. You may remember the Israeli art student debacle where they got caught snoping in classified material and the New Zealand situation, among others.

From an old post on an old blog (of mine):

In this link from 2004, it says Lebanon busted an Israeli spy ring.

AIPAC Espionage Case Dismissal Gambit Fails

FBI looks at Pentagon worker in Israel spy probe

Iran arrests 'spy' faking nuclear company

Israeli Art Student Mystery

Israeli Diplomat, Spy Suspect Met

'Mossad spies' jailed over New Zealand passport fraud,,1262362,00.html

Breaking the Taboo on Israel's Spying Efforts on the United States

The Spy Who Loves Us

More links- mostly with the Franklin/Jane Harmon/ Rosen/ AIPAC stuff:

Justice Department Aborts Attempt to Hold AIPAC to U.S. Law

The AIPAC/Rosen spy issues continue to 2009:Why Steve Rosen is Suing AIPAC

And a post already on this blog:
My post on last year’s Kadish arrest--

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