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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

3 more reasons why the settlement freeze means nothing

This is news of the recent temporary “settlement freeze”.
It is hailed as a great step toward peace by the US and Israel for which the Palestinians are now significantly indebted. Never mind that this is only a partial freeze on something that is completely illegal in the first place…

If there is any doubt that a settlement freeze means nothing, Israeli officials will spell it out for you:


“Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday planted trees in West Bank settlements, in a move which he said sent a clear message that Israel would retain major settlement blocs under any peace deal with the Palestinians.”

The absurdity of that quote blows my mind.

Planting trees means you aren’t giving the land back?? If trees have so much meaning that way, what about those Palestinian olive and fruit trees that were uprooted by Israel to build those settlements?? If the US pushes some settlers out of the way, occupies a hill over there and plants some trees, can we get in on this action, too??

Planting trees in Israel. I've seen the ads. It sounds rather benign and eco-friendly, right? I never thought about it as engaging in breaking international law, but that's what you're doing.

This must be proof that if you say something enough times, it can in fact be true. Gold Meir said there are no Palestinians. Others have said Palestine was uninhabited before 1948. Prime Ministers after her have said, hinted, and acted the same way. The US pretty much believes it, given the way we're letting Israel ethnically cleanse the area.


A new college in the Territories. Should be good news. I'm all for education. Except Palestinians aren’t allowed to attend or go near it. Chances are, they have been pushed off the land it sits on (and the surrounding area needed for Jewish only roads and "security" trenches, barbed wire, guard towers, etc).

The apartheid analogy is looking more valid each time Israel takes action.

It’s just one more thing that makes settlements look less and less temporary or negotiable. The only thing we can hope is that it doesn't sabotage the peace process and Palestinian self-determination. Maybe it will force the binational state idea back onto the table.


Soldiers Get “Free Space In Settlements” For Military Service

Giving soldiers land to thank them for their service. Sounds nice. And it is, given that you’re not the one it’s being taken from to thank soldiers for killing your family and stealing yours and your grandparents land.

Free space indeed! Like the whole land without people for people with no land lie.

“It is the second half of an initiative granting free higher education to soldiers who chose to study in colleges in the Negev and the Galilee.”

If it’s an issue of being able to visit and see the land they view with religious significance, fine. Let them visit. If they want a University or neighborhood on Palestinian soil, they should be paying Palestinians, following Palestinian laws and regulations, asking permission from Palestinians, working with Palestinians and allowing Palestinians access. Anything else is theft and should be a big problem for US-Israel.

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