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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Lost - general

Christian- where is his body?? - airline lost the casket in season 6- season 1 Jack found the casket, but his body wasn’t there- he has been seen in the cabin and talking to Rousseau-esque Claire

Don’t know if this is significant or just the real life and on screen pervasive theme of women’s fathers thinking the prospective husband is not good enough… Desmond with Penny’s father (Widmore) is like Jin’s trouble with Sun’s father. Both seek jobs with the father-in-law and marry their daughters. In Desmond’s case, he marries Penny eventually against all odds and Widmore’s various efforts (boat race, refusing to give his blessing to an engagement) and doesn’t end up working for him. Did Widmore move the island to keep Penny away from Desmond? In Jin’s case, he agrees to work in Sun’s father’s business doing hit jobs, extortion, etc and becomes like Sun's father and a man Sun can’t respect. Widmore and Sun’s father have some connection- I can’t remember what- business?- but Sun finds Widmore through her father I think. Does this have any foreshadowing or clues for our convoluted plot’s resolution?

Ben appeared to know everything, but we find he knows nothing and lied about being able to see Jacob in the past. He seems to be a chronic liar- is this because he’s an evil force in the good vs evil theme or is he lying for the greater good somehow. Like the pressing need some feel to kill those infected or compromised- Rousseau probably killed her team, Dogen tried to get Jack to kill Sayyid.

Why didn’t Ben’s cancer heal or not happen on the island - Locke can walk, Rose went into remission/ why did he get spinal cancer anyway/ Natural causes? Something related to the Big Game?/ Punishment?/ Is it related to why he seems to be in charge or seemed to be chosen- maybe he was- but did something that got him demoted and the change or thing he did resulted in him getting cancer.

Many think Unlocke was in Christian at that point, but why take Christian’s body but make a copy of Locke?

Why can smoke monster kill in smoke form, but not in human (or at least Locke’s) form?
Ben and Alpert have seemed like they knew a lot at times, but Unlocke reveals that they don’t know anything; they’ve just been running Jacob’s errands no questions asked. Ben had Widmore exiled for breaking the rules, so perhaps he wanted to take Widmore’s place, but knew he wasn’t a candidate or supposed to?

Whidmore has connections to a lot of characters- he fathered Farraday with Eloise and Penny with someone else off island...hmm

There is a focus on Jack, too. His half sister is Claire, His dead dad is walking around on the island, Jacob is trying hard to get him to realize what he needs to do- whatever that is.

When Ben first meets his "daughter" Alex:
“Ben was angered that Widmore had not informed him of the baby prior to accepting the mission. Widmore demanded that Ben kill her, claiming it to be the will of Jacob. Ben refused, and instead proposed that if it were indeed the will of the Island, Widmore should be able to do it instead.”

Another parallel incident is when Alpert brings wounded young Ben to the Others camp to be healed and Widmore is upset about it. Lostpedia says Alpert tells Widmore it's Jacob's orders...but he could be lying and it would fit a pattern with Jacob and Ben lying. But if Widmore is as big as I am thinking, wouldn't he know what Jacob wants and what the real deal is??

Whidmore seems to be in charge in 1989 when Ben and Ethan were told to kill Rousseau. In 1954 Whidmore was young and under Alpert’s command. Where is Alpert in 1989? Whidmore seems to be under the same rules as Unlocke when the boy tells him “you can’t kill him” and Ben when he seems not able to kill Whidmore even when he had the opportunity off island.

More on rules like “you can’t kill him”:“Some time after the Purge, Ben had Widmore exiled from the Island and supplanted him as leader of the Others. As Widmore was led to the submarine by armed guards, Ben came to say farewell. Widmore, however, felt Ben had come to "gloat" about his victory in having him exiled. Widmore had been exiled for "breaking the rules": namely, for regularly leaving the Island, and for having a family off the Island (specifically, a "daughter with an outsider"). Widmore scornfully told Ben that one day he would have to choose between Alex and the Island. He was then led to the submarine and exiled. ("Dead Is Dead")” --Lostpedia

Desmond- the rules don’t apply to him, he travels through time a number of times at will- as opposed to Losties which flash through time randomly (could these be linked?)- because he wants to change things and be with Penny, he saved Charlie a number of times. He eventually ends up with Penny and their kid on a boat, happy. What does this have to do with the major story of the Losties?

Candidates and recruits mentioned...significant difference or are they recruited to be candidates?Candidates seem to refer to Jacob's replacement as island protector or keeper of the rules? And Ilana said Unlocke was recruiting...for what? I hope it's not for a major war like some are predicting. I think that would be pretty lame.

Is the island really just an island or is that a lie by Unlocke to ensure Sawyer continues to want to get off the island?

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