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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Lost- The Lighthouse

In the first season or two, I did this for a few episodes to keep myself straight on what's going on. Then, I got a little fed up with not getting any answers and realizing it was going ot be more sci fi than I would have liked so I kept saying I was going to stop watching. But, it's the last season, and I'm back on board. I'll now join the thousands of people giving their 2 cents on this show...

The Lighthouse

Christian's will- the Arabic writing is "Jacob". Is it a legal mix up? Are they the same person?

This is just interesting, not really a Lost question…In Jorge Garcia (Hurley)’s podcast, Geronimo Jack’s Beard, he told us Jacob’s instructions on his arm are a water tattoo so they’d stay on better than pen and they had him write it out himself. It was too neat at first- they wanted it to be sloppier so if people hit pause they couldn’t read it completely, though he didn’t think there was anything but the instructions to the lighthouse and didn’t seem to be saying *we’ll see*, wink, wink or anything.

Another interesting thing was what Dogen said to Hurley when he was told by Jacob to get out of the temple and find the lighthouse. Three translations from Japanese, depending on who you ask:

"You're lucky that I have to protect you. Otherwise I'd have cut your head off."
"I don't know who's protecting you, but I guess you're lucky"
"you are lucky i have to protect you. otherwise i would have cut your head."

Unlocke, Sawyer and Claire seem to be a team of sorts. Sawyer’s the only normal one, though, with Unlocke not really being Locke and Claire being crazy or compromised (Dogin told Jack the same thing that is happening to Sayyid happened to Claire already). Do you just have to be willing, regardless of whether your body is inhabited or you’re crazy? Why is Sawyer normal and still with these two? Will Sawyer be killed or compromised to really be on the" team"?

I wonder what will become of Jin. Jin's playing along with Claire at this point, telling her what she wants to hear so she won't get angry and go nuts. Unlocke had a look on his face- not mad- not happy- more like "fancy meeting you here" and "I know something you don't know and aren't going to like."

Now for the best part of the episode- The names on the lighthouse wheel and mirrors

List of cave and lighthouse names and numbers

Above the mirror, backwards= "show not your face, but your daddy issues."
Is this more significant than just pointing out many of the daddy issues on the show? I doubt it, but it was fun to hear the references. I'm not that familiar with Alice in Wonderland and less so with Harry Potter, but apparently people see similarity. For Alice it's the reading in the mirror and for Harry Potter there is a mirror that says "Show not your face, but your heart's desire" or something.

Jacob’s list/Losties- Jacob physically touched certain people. Alpert watched or found or was sent to find Locke when he tested him and he chose a compass or something. Alpert seemed important at this point, but not so much when Unlocke laughs at him for carrying out Jacob’s orders without knowing or trying to find out why.
*My husband with the perfect memory reminded me that when Locke was time traveling, he told Alpert certain things to look for. Now I think that when they actually happened, Alpert (and others) must have tought he was Somebody, like he knew what was up with Jacob and the lists and such, but really he was just nobody. Kind of like when I thought Ben was Somebody and was seeing/ communicating with Jacob, but when Locke appeared on the scene, we saw that Ben (and Alpert for that matter) wasn't anybody and everyone kind of thought Locke was Somebody instead because of what he saw and heard from Jacob.

Names crossed off in the cave and lighthouse- Does it mean they failed, aren’t candidates anymore or that they have accomplished their purpose? Apparently there are some crossed off who are alive or the other way around. Jacob is really trying in this episode to get Jack to realize what he has to do, whatever that is. Why is Jack so important? Will him realizing his purpose help the other not crossed off Losties see their purpose? Is their purpose about the island (protecting it, hiding it, destroying it, etc) or realizing something about themselves so they can go back off the island and be better people?

2 questions from candidates link
1. In "I Do", Danny Pickett mentioned that "Shephard wasn't even on Jacob's list".

It has been said and I agree that Ben could have told them to take Jack even thought he wasn’t on Jacob’s list because Ben wanted Jack to take out the tumor. BUT…

2. In "Par Avion", Mikhail states that Kate is not on the list because she is "flawed"; Sayid is not on the list because he is "weak and frightened"; and Locke is not on the list because he is angry.

I need to go back and see what the deal is with Mikhail. I don’t remember his story very well.

Their names were in fact on the cave wall and or lighthouse wheel. Were their names on Jacob’s list or did Ben or Alpert or someone lie and tell them they weren’t for some reason? Were they originally not on the list, but were added- doesn’t make sense because it seems you’d have to renumber…

Ben and his Others that he seemed to be in charge of at the time we saw the book club and New Otherton seemed to use satellite info, going off island, and other ways of gaining intelligence about the Losties.

Could the lighthouse wheel and mirrors be the way they via Alpert via Jacob knew this stuff
or did Ben or Alpert know about the wheel and he made the files that way?

BUT wheel showed Jack his childhood home and various buildings that represent other people as it turned. Can you actually spy on people or does it show something specific relating to what the individual needs to see to accomplish this thing Jacob is trying to get Jack to realize? Does it show just inanimate objects or people also- didn’t see any people in the mirrors as of yet?

Interesting line- Unlocke makes a point to say" that’s not your house" to Sawyer's New Otherton house- Is that to guide/nudge him off the island and remind him he doesn’t belong- true, he already want to get off since Juliet’s gone...

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