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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Lost-The Substitute

The Substitute-

First, off I thought smoke monster vision was pretty fun. Better than the underwater view in the premier. I'll cut them slack on those special effects, though. It's a great thought-provoking show.

Helen told Locke they should elope and pick up his dad on the way. Do Locke and dad have a good relationship- he didn’t abandon and or steal kidney? If that’s true, are Sawyer’s parents still alive since Locke’s dad didn’t kill them? And Sawyer didn’t write the revenge letter and maybe he’s at peace and not a con man? And if Locke and dad have a good relationship, why is he still in a wheelchair if dad didn’t push him out of a window? Rose went to a faith healer as the reason to go to Australia- it would be funny if after getting denied the Walkabout and still ditching the conference Locke heard about the same faith healer and thought why not (ties into wanting to walk Helen down the aisle, talk of destiny, he had faith in the island, why not try God in the flash sideways? etc)- don’t know what it would have to do with unraveling our so far convoluted plot, but might be fun to see another coincidence or connection between characters

When Unlocke returns to Sawyer from chasing the "you know the rules" boy, Sawyer asks if he found the kid and Unlocke asks "what kid?" and acts like he doesn't know what he's talking about.
It struck me as significant, but I don't know why.

My husband seems to think Unlocke said that simply because he knows the kid wasn't really a kid (he's something in a kid's body), just like Unlocke isn't really Locke. If that's the case, why wouldn't he say "that's not a kid" like Claire did of Unlocke- and she followed that up with "that's my friend". Maybe that's not Unlocke's style, but he seems in the mood to answer an awful lot of Sawyer's questions (why not this one?)- admitting he's dead and not Locke, he's experienced human emotions before, he showed the cave with the list, so I think there's another explanation.

--A few of my ideas on why Unlocke was playing dumb:

He could be trying to make Sawyer forget about the kid, but if so, it would be disappointing - Sawyer and Unlocke already had the exchange about the fact that Sawyer could see him, why play dumb now?

Maybe Unlocke didn't see the kid as a kid (maybe something scarier- though a kid with blood on his hands is pretty scary), but everyone else who can see him sees a kid

The Unlocke that comes back from going to find the kid is a different person or different somehow than the one we have been seeing and legitimately doesn't know "what kid" Sawyer's talking about

Unlocke knows Alpert was near - he asks Sawyer who he's talking to - and doesn't want Alpert to know about the vision of the kid for whatever reason- i.e. regardless of whether or not Alpert can see the kid, perhaps he knows what seeing the kid would mean and Unlocke doesn't want that to happen

Unlocke knows Alpert was near and since Sawyer wouldn't tell him who, Unlocke also decides to play dumb and not answer his question

-- Geranimo Jack’s Beard (Jorge Garcia's podacest) talked about it and in stage directions it said ‘touche’, so maybe it’s not that significant after all.

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