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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Nothing says tolerance like building on a cemetery...

Take a look at the building. Now that's some in your face tolerance!
The BBC link below has an aerial view.

Maybe this is just one of those definitions you have to learn to understand the conflict. Demographic time bomb means Palestinians having babies (faster than Jews). Natural growth in settlements means stealing more land. Tolerance means disturbing your neighbors' remains and topping it with a giant, gaudy building. Here are some more examples:

Whether you call it an Occupation or insist Israel gave up control of most a few years ago, Israel controls the entire West Bank and Gaza- who and what goes in and out, who is an acceptable elected leader, who can go where and when, they control borders, airspace, sea. Give them the cemetery for crying out loud! We in the US aren't allowed to build on Native American burial grounds as far as I know. It's the least people who tried to annihilate another can do.

A guest on this segment of Democracy Now is Rashid Khalidi, one of a handful or guys Palin
tried to vilify in 2008. I hope she gave him more name recognition. Once people see what he's about, they will see that he's not a terrorist and he makes a lot of great points about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

A sign in this BBC link hits the nail on the head:
'Israeli Racist Occupation Violates the Dead as well as the Living'

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