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Monday, March 22, 2010

LOST Episode 515: Across the Sea- SPOILERS

Edit May 2010: LOST spoilers - 6 pages of leaked LOST screenplay!! No idea if they are real or fake. The blog is in Italian, the script pages below it are of course in English.

I think this is the Jacob and MIB history with the previously discussed spoilers I heard on the Transmission with them having conversations between themselves and one talks to his mother and another talks to a woman who killed his mother. Same actor that played the boy with blood on his hands plays young Jacob.

There were more spoilers from
The Transmission podcast- the one for "Recon." They mentioned tighter security as we get to these last episodes- they are filming 15-finale now I guess. There were more so and so seen leaving set sighting than juicy bits at the end.

I don't know if they are all for episode 15, but that's the earliest episode they could be from...

On Judd (?) trail among the bamboo, Jacob is wearing a light color outfit with a ruffled collar shirt and MIB's wearing a brown tunic and shorts. Jacob's got MIB in a headlock and MIB looks pretty beat up.

Given what we saw in Ab Aeterno, Jacob has beat more people up than I thought. It doesn't really fit with him being the "good one," but we don't know the whole story.

At a resort with a beach cove, Kate's with Sawyer who has a rifle. Wonder what's going on? Are they talking about leaving the island together or is romance in the air?

Kate, Sawyer, Hurley, Jack, Claire, Sun and maybe Frank are on a boat and Jack and Sawyer have a confrontation. Pretty predictable. I hope they're not talking about Kate. Are they talking about escape or who's camp to join?

On the windward side of the island there are scenes filmed that convey several years. A pregnant woman with dark curly hair and a long brown dress limped away from the beach. Then and 10-13 year old boy in black runs ot the water to get a silver box and carries it inland. Is it the temple dagger?

Young Jacob and young MIB play backgammon in the trees. The woman with curly hair (no longer pregnant of course) in a coral dress calls out ot them. MIB jumps up, brushes himself off and goes to her.

One fan spoke with a crew member. The crew has been known to give red herrings, so don't know how one hsould take this...

He/she said the sub sinks and fills with water, Kate is thrown around, Desmond tries to save Analucia much like he did Charlie.

On March 9 they were at Waikiki at the Lotus Hotel (that's where Sawyer and Charlotte had their date). Jack and Widmore were there. A pregnant Claire and also David, Jack's son, were seen leaving the set. Wonder what that's about. I thought there wasn't going to be much going back in time... beyond Richard and the Jacob/MIB thing.

They were at the school- stunt doubles were there. Desmond begins beating Desmond up- what's that about?? Locke in the wheelchair was in the parking lot, but didn't do anything.

There is a Ben and Alex scene. Ben's arm is in a sling. It's after school with the school bus and cars picking up kids. A blue car comes up, Danielle gets out, Alex introduces Ben to her mom. Ben is flustered and drops his papers, they offer Ben a ride, and he gets in the car. Ben likes Danielle?? Wow. What if he becomes her stepdad and is "destined" to be a father figure to her.

Macrh 11- New Otherton- several scenes.
Miles, Ben and Richard are carrying guns, enter camp, pass picket fence where the swing set was supposed to be. Miles senses something, touches the ground, talks to Ben who looks down at the ground for awhile, Ben says something to Miles and they keep walking. I wonder if Miles heard Alex or Ben's dad or if we will know the final thoughts of one of them?

In a second scene, Ben and Unlocke talkin front of the cabin.

In a third scene, Richard is walking around by himself (bad sign...) looking around nervously when something hits him and knocks him to the ground. Oh no! Smokey!? Not Alpert! This doesn't look good for him. The last scene of the day was supposedly all camera work, a lot of quick movements, so it seems like it was a Smokey-cam (POV) or something.

March 12. Jack and Locke are on the beach. There is a scene with Claire and Locke and a canoe where Locke is trying ot get her to get in and she resists, but eentually get in the canoe together.

Last week (week of March 22?). There are crates and life vests washing up on shore. Maybe from a boat or sub wreck? Jack, Kate and Hurley were seen.

Thursday- Jack, Kate, Hurley, Sawyer, old and young Jacob seen leaving the set.

Friday- Hurley and Jacob

Michelle Roderiguez is in town "this" week. "This week" equals the week of
The Transmission's "Recon" hash/re-hash. So that crew member may have been giving real info?? Still didn't make sense. I'm more eager to see how this all comes together- or what comes together and what doesn't. :)

Post episode:

615 Across The Sea

A lot of people weren’t fond of this one. I actually liked it. I’ve been dying for more on Jacob and MIB and jungle boy that this scratched and itch somewhat. Ab Aeterno was by far the better of the flash backs and flash way backs, though. Anyway, I think that regardless of whether MIB is evil or not, he has good reason to be. He was deceived and manipulated all his life and lost his real mother. And rather than being strong and all knowing, we see Jacob as (he really is???) a weakling who was born to follow. Or is he the most good and forgiving person on earth? But he seems a bit dull, not the sharpest tool in the shed, not just docile or forgiving.

Are we to take from this that MIB is justified in what he is doing in the present time or that he chose the evil path of vengeance and Jacob chose the good path of peace and forgiveness?

Opening shipwreck is like the Losties arriving on shore after the sub sinking.

No name for MIB! Still! Doesn’t have one or we don’t know name?

Jacob and MIB are born on the island to a very pregnant, shipwrecked mom. Aaron was in the same situation an born on the island. WIll that mean anything? He was taken by The Others, but only temporarily (did they do a Dogen style test?), unlike the twins' mom and Mother situation. Kate ended up taking Aaron off the island, though, so he still got taken like the boys. All three were raised by another. MIB makes the comparison of crazy moms with Mother and Claire an adoptive and real mom, but he still identified with Aaron. MIB said the cause of his issues was being raised by a crazy mom, not being raised by another, interestingly.

Jacob and MIB are brothers! A reveal. I forgot to add this at first. I guess I had been leaning that way anyway. But, are they Cain and Able, or Jacob and Esau, or Benjamin and the rest of Jacob's children, or Romulus and Remus, etc. One innocent, one deceitful; one who is content to trust, the other who knows the truth and takes action; the firstborn Jacob gets the job, but MIB was favored; Jacob draws blood and makes MIB worse than dead, but MIB kills Mother.

Jacob is more than just a momma’s boy, he’s got no spine or personality really. We thought he was all knowing all powerful, but really, he’s just the equivalent of a clone or robot or something. I wonder if he’s being inhabited like Sayyid. The exchange where Mother says “Do you love me, Jacob? (Yes) Then tell me what happened,” is where we get that first glimpse. And he seems a bit dumb in the encounter with the boar and other men- he’s all loud and BIB has to shush him. A different picture of Jacob for sure.

“Jacob doesn't know how to lie. He's not like you.” BIB is special because he can lie? That doesn’t sound good. The keeper of the light has to be a good liar? With Jacob as the keeper, we have thought that was a good and righteous position, but it sounds as though Mother is not so good, what with the murder of the boys’ mother and all the lying. There’s always the question of the greater good- we don’t know for sure she’s not doing that for good reason, but it sure looks bad. Something I have thought about MIB since we met him.

BIB asks what’s dead. Mother says, “something you will never have to worry about.”
Sounds like she gave him the gift of living forever, like Jacob gave Alpert. BIB didn’t ask for it, though. What’s up with that being no problem and bringing people back to life is a no go? Does she have this “gift”? Did she give it to Jacob as well (before drinking the cup at the light)?

Teenage Jacob is the boy in the jungle. What’s up with teenage Jacob showing up to MIB in the present?? Still don’t get that.

Mother says: "They're not like us. They don't belong here. We are here for a reason."

BIB wants to know the reason and she says it’s not time yet.
Sounds like Widmore talking about timing with the testing, etc.

We assume the reason, though, is to protect the light which we see in the next scene. Maybe time had passed and it was time? Or was she not supposed to reveal the light until time for her to pass on guardianship and her doing so early is what caused some deaths later and the worse than death of MIB?

Mother says (when boys find they aren’t the only ones) : "The same thing that makes all men dangerous. They come, they fight, they destroy, they corrupt. It always ends the same."

Sounds like what MIB tells Jacob or Alpert.

She has constructed a different reality for them- it makes me think of Shamalan’s The Village. But, then so did the things the Others or Dharma would say from time to time… In any case, her lies (or truths?) about the men on the other side of the island are the same

Ben’s choice as a boy to go with the others or the hostiles is kind of a parallel to MIB’s choice to go “home.” Ben saw his mother and that seemed to make him want to leave the Dharma camp. Was that a ghost or MIB or Smokey or what?

"Does that mean that we can hurt each other?" Teenager in Black asks.
The woman stops and takes off their blindfolds. "I've made it so you can never hurt each other."

How did she do that?

I felt a bit let down about the light in the cave. Is that really what this is about? Really? And it looked a little cheesy, too. ☹

"Light. The warmest, brightest light you've ever seen or felt. And we must make sure that no one ever finds it." (This was also super cheesy for me)
"It's beautiful." BIB says.
"Yes it is, and that's why they want it. Because a little bit of this very same light is in every man. But they always want more."
"Can they take it?" Jacob asks.
"No, but they will try. And if they try, they can put it out. And if the light goes out here, it goes out everywhere. And so I've protected this place, but I can't protect if forever."
"Then who will?"
"It will have to be one of you."

Jacob’s the island is a cork thing doesn’t really hold true. Did Jacob learn to lie?

They are playing the game, senet, backgammon precursor.
"You can't do that, Jacob."
"Why not?"
"Because it's against the rules."
"You made the rules."
"I found it. One day, you'll find your own game and everyone else will have to follow your rules." (Did Jacob "find" the game he's playing with real people as pawns? Is he making the rules to this game his mom forced him to "play"?)
Teenager in Black sees Claudia over Jacob's shoulder. She says, "It's alright, don't be afraid."
Jacob turns, but doesn't see anything. "What?"
"I'm going to take a walk on the beach. I'll meet you later."
He runs down to the creek and sees her standing there. "Hello," she says.
"Why can't Jacob see you?"
"Because I'm dead. Will you come with me? I'd like to show you something."
(It seems it’s not just the lying that makes BIB different?)
"Show me what?"
"Where you come from. Across the island. A place you've never seen."

BIB tries to get Jacob to come with him to the other side of the island to live with their people. Jacob sticks by Mother and beats up BIB. Can they really not hurt each other? Or just not kill each other? Or is that a lie? Mother is a pretty big liar….

That was the scene described in the forward Cabin on The Transmission that intrigued me so much.

Mother holds Teenager in Black and says, "My love, you need to know this. Whatever you have been told, you will never be able to leave this island."
"That's not true. And one day, I can prove it!" He picks up his stuff, looks at Jacob, and then walks away.

Is that what MIB’s deal is? Does he just want to prove he can get off the island? Or is it Jacob who just wants to prove there is good in everyone and that all people aren’t corruptible? Either way, both seem to think anything goes to prove their point.

Mother admits to killing Jacob’s real mom with no real reaction by Jacob and Jacob seems to know Mother favors BIB. She insists she needs Jacob to stay in order to “stay good.” Does she know she is corrupted and that’s why she needs to find a replacement guardian of the light?

Mother never asks about MIB. I wonder is she “just knows” about him because they are good liars and alike somehow. Does she see dead people, too? I wonder if Jacob always spilled the beans or if she knew before he told on BIB.

MIB tells Jacob Mother was right about the people being greedy and manipulative, but Jacob isn’t so sure. Weird. He ends up bringing people to the island continually, which Mother probably wouldn't have been happy about. Did he end up changing the rules to defy Mother in a less bloody and overt way than MIB?

Mother knocks out MIB? Is it against the rules for her to kill him, too?

When Mother finds that people know about the light and are about to use it to get off the island, she determines it’s time to hand off her guardianship to Jacob. She made a point of telling Jacob she “said goodbye” to MIB. Did she know she was going to die?

At the light:
"You're going to protect it now." She hands him the torch and sits on a log.
"What's down there?" he asks.
"Life. Death. Rebirth. It's the source, the heart of the island."
He sits next to her. She says, "Just promise me, whatever you do, you will never go down there."
"Would I die?"
"It'd be worse than dying, Jacob, much worse." She pulls out a wine bottle and pours some liquid into a cup and chants over it. She offers him the cup. "Here, drink this."
"What happens if I do?"
"You accept the responsibility, that you will protect this place for as long as you can, and then you'll have to find your replacement."

She says “it has to be you Jacob.” (Didn’t Sayid say that to Jack or something last episode?)

Mother didn't give him a choice. Jacob seems intent on giving people a choice and not interfering (sort of). Sometimes his choices aren't great either way, though, so he could be like Mother not giving him a choice.

Mother also said he'd realize he was the one and she 's not just making him do it because he's all she's got left. This reminds me of MIB saying he'd find a way off the island, you'll see. I think Jacob realized it, but MIB hasn't gotten off yet. Hmmm...

When he drinks the cup, Mother says she and him are the same. What does that mean, exactly? I thought MIB was more like her, so are Jacob and MIB alike? If she was corrupted, did she think MIB was the one because they were liars, etc but really Jacob, the good one was more like her before?

The idea of finding a replacement to protect the light is like in the hatch, replacements were sent to keep pushing the button. Both Desmond and Jacob were unwilling participants. Desmond did something to end the need for his job. Will Jacob?

Mother burns MIB’s village. How does she do that? Can she summon Smokey like Ben? He retrieves his game, then stabs Mother as she looks at the black stone. She thanks him...for killing her? That sounds like Alpert wanting to be free of his eternal life when he finds out that this plan he thought Jacob had was all junk (or so he thought?). Did she thank MIB for killing her because Jacob, then, wouldn't do it? Or she had to die and she knew Jacob couldn't do it?

She wouldn’t let him leave because she loves him? Is she lying even in death? What’s up with that? Did she just want company or would something catastrophic happen?

Jacob is mad and throws MIB down toward the light and he I think we can assume turns into “something worse than death,” the smoke monster.

Jacob positions Mother and MIB’s bodies in the cave, touching hands, with the pouch with the game pieces. Adam an Eve. Finally.

Could have done without the flashes of Jack, Kate and Hurley discovering Adam and Eve. We remember already! We’ve only been speculating about this since that episode!

On the Official LOST Podcast (May 14), Damon and Carlton mentioned a few things:

Mother's "answers only lead to more questions" comment was definitely for us. I really don't like the nods to us. Focus!

Their response to people not liking this episode was that it was done to say that they are done with the mythology; it's all about what happens to the characters now. I'm kind of ready for that.

There was a question about the magic light's water and the temple water an they responded that they could be the same and that that could be the lifeblood of the island.

A question was asked about the turtle. They pointed out that in Stephen King's It and other novels, turtles represented a force of good. Another point was made that it was on the beach on filming day and they are protected- no one can move or touch them. So is that really an answer?

On the May 7 podcast, Damon and Carlton answered a question about the rules. Some, characters would make clear, but others that aren't important to the plot won't be listed in any way. They didn't really answer the question- is this a rule that will be told- in The Shape of Things to Come, Ben and Widmore exchange words and one says, "I'll make you wish you'd never changed the rules for killing Alex" or something like that.

On the same May 7 podcast, they said that "why is Kate not a candidate" will be answered by the characters.

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