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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

LOST Episode 608: Recon

Episode 608: Recon

Zoe appears in the episode.
This site has an interview with the actor who plays Zoe (means life in Greek).
Apparently, she says Zoe is looking for someone on the island (who isn't??). She's got the good vs evil and science vs faith in her. And she's got the answer. She'd better since her name's on every page of the last script. Allegedly.

I'll split this one up into on island and flash sideways.

On Island:

Sawyer promises Jin they won’t leave without Sun. That was nice for a rather selfish con man. Sawyer tells Jin he's with Locke. He later tells Kate he's with no one. It's probably just explaining his position- he's with whomever can get off the island, but we'll see.

Locke, Sayid, Claire, Kate and the rest of the temple escapees arrive at Locke and Claire's camp.


Claire looks lovingly at her freaky squirrel baby and packs some rope, knife and stuff. Kate is disturbed and asks what that thing is. Claire, lucid for the moment, explains that it's all she had. I believe it. I mean, what would you do if your kid was nowhere to be found (never mind that you set him down in the jungle somewhere) and you were alone for more than a few years...

Cindy wants to know what happened to the people at the temple and Locke says the black smoke killed them. Claire sketchily grabs Kate's hand, maybe she's thinking of what Aaron would feel when she saw the kids' reactions and Kate is her only connection to Aaron? MIB stoops down and tries to reassure the kids who were obviously upset by this news. Oops. He promises to take care of them. Literally or figuratively? Will he keep them safe or is the plan to kill them? Why bring them to the island at all? Why not leave them out of it if you can bring certain people to the island? MIB has been pretty forthcoming up to now, but now he’s pulling a Jacob and withholds information and says I’ll tell you later, right now we have to press on. I'm still not sure if he's going to kill them to get off the island or take them with him. Claire walks away from Kate and gives a secret look like I'm going to kill you later. Guess she was biding her time in the temple after all. Or she's torn between knowing Kate can take her to Aaron and being angry for "taking" him. Kate is clearly weirded out.

Sawyer asks about Jack, Hurley and the Losties. and Kate tells him.she saw them on the way out, but doesn't know about Miles.


Locke is telling people to fill up on water because they’ll be at the clearing for a few days. Sawyer is upset and questions him. Locke leads him away from the group to talk. Locke’s acting very self important, like an authority figure. His demeanor reminds me of what he said at the statue about being very disappointed in people. Is this sarcasm or part of the manipulation, or is he really disappointed for a reason we are to find out later?

Clearly, though, Sawyer too, must be high on the totem pole since he is given information clearly not meant for all ears. Or does he just want to play people against each other at different times so he has to keep some people in the dark? Maybe it’s the candidate thing- they are to be protected and given answers, etc?

We get confirmation that Unlocke is indeed the smoke thing from the dialogue.

"What happened back at the Temple? How'd you know to rescue everybody from that smoke thing?"
"I didn't rescue them. I'm the smoke thing."
"You telling me you killed all those people?"
"I gave them the opportunity to leave peacefully and they didn't take it."
"Why not?"
"Because they're convinced that they're protecting the island from me, when in fact, all I want is to leave. So it's either kill or be killed. And I don't want to be killed."

I was thiking the only way for MIB to do what he's doing with Locke is ot be dead, so I don't know what's going on. But I guess it would explain why Christian is walking around and his body is nowhere- he's dead. Locke's body was buried and Unlocke is walking around, so there's somehting else afoot, there.

Again, Unlocke explains to a Lostie-Sawyer- (previously it was Sayid in the exchange where Unlocke says he feels sorry for him because he thinks Unlocke wants to kill them):
"Because they're convinced that they're protecting the island from me, when in fact, all I want is to leave. So it's either kill or be killed. And I don't want to be killed."

This is definitely the attitude we saw with Claire when she axed that guy in her tent. The Others and some of the Losties early on in the series have had this same sort of attitude. Maybe it's just a survival thing rather than a clue to what's going on?

MIB tells Sawyer that he will do a recon mission for him. Sawyer wants to know why and MIB says it's because he thinks the Losties didn't come alone (duh) and they are going to take that plane home??? I don't know if they could fly that thing after an emergency landing- who knows what the fuel situation is or what damage was done during the incident that caused loss of control. A few things- does Locke just want to know about Widmore, did he see motion on Hydra, but didn't know what it was, is Smoky not allowed to do recon, is he testing Sawyer, is he really making use of Sawyer's lying, is he making a point about what Sawyer needs to change?


Sawyer goes on recon to Hydra for Locke.

He finds Kate’s dress in the cage and seems like he doesn’t hate her. Memories... He was pretty mad when she found him at his and Juliet’s place in New Otherton, now, not so much.

Kate tries to talk to weird Sayid, but he’s clearly not OK. Kate gets jumped by crazy Claire and Sayid just watches. What’s wrong with him? MIB breaks them up and kind of treats them like kids, like he did with Sawyer- tells him he shouldn’t have interrupted and sincerely accepted a sarcastic apology, etc. He tells Claire to go over there and he’ll deal with her in a minute.

MIB talks to Claire.

Sawyer’s on Hydra. He sees a bunch of dead bodies, then someone who claims to be the only one left. This is like some in Ben’s group (Ethan) posing as one of the Losties. And Ben posing as crashed balloonist Henry Gale. I believed him!


She’s not convincing, though. She dragged the bodies to another place and she asks if Sawyer’s group all have guns, if he's alone, how many are there, and a ton more really dumb and suspicious questions. She was gathering wood when they were killed. Some say that's how Sawyer knew she was lying- the wood carrying people always die. But I think he saw that she dragged the bodies in a pile and was gathering wood- he could have seen that it was obvious she was going to burn them. She was getting rid of evidence rather than making a grave, like the Losties generally did to respect the dead. Suspicious either way.

MIB apologizes to Kate. He tells her why he told Claire the Others had her baby. He wanted Claire to hate to keep her going. Does this mean he’s evil? Feeding off of hate is like Darth Vader in Star Wars (which the writers are big fans of). It can't be good. Unlocke promises to keep her safe- clears up how she came out of the temple- I wasn’t sure if she was supposed to be with that group or not given Unlocke’s reaction.
She asks where Sawyer went and instead of answering right away, they go to the water.

Sawyer catches the woman in the lie, she calls her friends, Sawyer’s surrounded and he says “take me to your leader.”

MIB continues to talk to Kate. He tells her Sawyer’s on Hydra and separates her to “talk”. What were they doing before? They seemed alone to me. I guess she is like Sawyer in that she’s allowed to have more answers than the rest of the people who followed MIB out of the temple. Kate called him dead and he explains that he’s not dead (?) and compares himself to Aaron because their mothers were/ are crazy. Locke's mother was crazy. His he saying he;s Locke now or MIB's mom was crazy too. If so, that's a lot of crazy chicks. He says “Problems that could have been avoided had things been different." So, is this his purpose? To change things for himself? To change them for Aaron? This would be a lot of work and death to save Aaron the trouble he had himself…


Sawyer’s on the sub. He sees a locked door. Are Desmond and Penny inside? I like the theory I heard that Widmore has to have a candidate with him to find the island since Widmore was banished or is not a candidate...

Other possibilities for what's behind the double locked door:
  • Eloise Hawking
  • Aaron with Claire's mother or without?
  • Sun's dad, Mr. Paik
  • Miles' dad, Dr. Chang
  • Christian Shephard
  • Nadia so Sayid will perk up
  • Whatever MIB or Jacob promised the people a la Ben's magic box that "brought" Anthony Cooper
  • Some one or some thing that will cause the two time lines to converge or make sense
  • Someone or some thing important to MIB- though how 2 locks are keeping a smoke monster at bay is beyond me.

Widmore wants to know who Sawyer thinks he is, Sawyer says he’s the guy on the freighter who tried to kill them all, and Widmore says it’s sad how little he knows. Unlocke said this to Sayid when Sayid told him the temple people think Unlocke wants to kill them. Interesting. Sawyer accused him of killing the survivors and dragging them to a ditch. Widmore denies it. Can we believe that? Widmore wants to know why Sawyer’s on the island. Sawyer says John Locke sent him. Widmore says John Locke’s dead. Sawyer makes clear they both know what’s up with Locke and says he will tell MIB that he came and saw no one, he’ll bring him to Widmore and he can kill him. Is that really the reason he wants to see him? The two agree to the plan. I think anyway.

Claire apologizes to Kate. They make up? Is that the end of Claire’s “I’m going to kill her” thing? A bit contrived, but I'll accept "she's crazy" for an explanation.

So, MIB has pulled another Jacob. Hurley asks Jacob – you didn’t really send us there to help someone find the island or something like that and Jacob admits, no.
Sawyer: "You didn't really send me over there to find passengers from that plane, did you?" MIB: No.

Sawyer tells MIB the people from the plane are dead. Locke asks how—does he really know and wants to know if Sawyer figured it out or is telling the truth? Did he as Smoky kill them himself? Sawyer tells him Widmore’s there with a sub, Locke looks surprised, but knows his name’s Charles. Has he dealt with Widmore before? Tells him about the 6 armed people, sub crew, and the locked room. Also tells Locke that he told Widmore he was going to tell Locke that no one’s there and he’d walk MIB into the trap. Sawyer assumes Locke will change the plans given this info- but who really knows??


Sawyer and Kate talk by the fire. He reassures her that he’s not “with” Locke or anybody. Typical Sawyer. He tells her the deal- while Widmore and MIB are fighting it out, he and Kate will get off the island on the sub. I kinda believe him, though why he's suddenly buddy buddy again with her is beyond me. Maybe it's fate- in the flash sideways they run into each other when she's escaping at the airport and again when she crashes into him with her car this episode. He calls her Freckles again. Guess she’s got two men again like the old days. Guess one look at that dress in the cage was enough to forget about Juliet and reignite the flame for Kate?? Again, contrived, but they are pretty good on the mythology and such. Can’t complain too much!

Flash sideways:

We see Sawyer in a familiar scenario, but instead of a con man, he’s the police trying to catch the con man. I liked that bit of redemption for him. Also, the code word to bring his team of cops in is LaFleur- his name in the DHARMA/70s time jump and I think it was said that it was also a name he used in cons. If the latter is true, does Sawyer have a con man past or is LaFleur just a story device or fate or a more minor thing like that? Miles is his partner?! Could be interesting.


We also find out that Sawyer’s father killed his mother then himself. He’s calling Anthony Coopers at his desk where we find out he’s Detective James Ford. Is Cooper responsible for (indirectly causing since he conned Ford senior) his parents' deaths in the same way in both time lines? He killed Cooper, Locke's father, on the island after Ben wanted Locke to kill him (in order to be the leader of the Others?), but he didn't. Will he kill Cooper or bring him to justice peacefully somehow in the flash sideways? Will this "turn" Sawyer to the dark side or reinforce his choice of cop over criminal? Will the disposal of Cooper, should he decide to do it, affect Locke? It seems like if Cooper is a con man, he at least hasn't treated his son as a gold mine and easy mark or if he has, it doesn't bother Locke in the same way it did in the original time line. I still want to know how Locke's family situation ended up- did his mom give him up, did he live in foster care, did his dad play a good role in his life, etc?

And, Sawyer’s set up by Miles with Charlotte. They know each other in the flash sideways as well. Fate? They were on Widmore’s freighter together. She was an anthropologist then and an archaeologist now. Also, he says Charlotte works with Miles’ dad at the museum (step dad or biological/scientist dad??). In the original, Miles left the island with his mom and lived with her. Is the mom AWOL in this reality or does he have both parents? I wonder if in his flash sideways, he and his parents will mention the island as with Ben and his dad. Does Miles have the gift in the flash sideways? Charlotte was on the island as a child and also left with her mother, leaving her father behind. Same as Miles- did she come back with both parents or the father and does it matter? Her reason for studying anthropology was supposed ot be to find the island and her father again- she is an archaeologist- kind of similar, so she could still be trying to find the island I suppose but I wonder what the career difference means.

In the original, Miles's dad is Dr. Chang, I think. He is Miles Straume, I'm guessing that's his mom's maiden name. I haven't thought too much about Miles's situation honestly. Did we see a last name for Miles in this one? Is it still Straume and if so, why if his dad's around in this time line.

Miles accuses Sawyer of lying. I guess about Palm Springs. Why is he so mad? Is it a cop partner thing? Or is Miles the one who can lie and read liars well?

The date with Charlotte is a little weird. I thought the What- You know what- thing was probably about the worst pick up line ever and a bit contrived. Unless she had a plan for which Sawyer was more of an obstacle or accessory… She asks for a T-shirt and he tells her top drawer. So does he want her to find his “Sawyer” file or did he forget where it was? There weren’t any T-shirts in there, were there? And the way she tore that drawer apart, it looked like she wasn’t looking for a T-shirt or didn’t found the file by accident. I wonder if she wants to find more out about James for some reason other than careful dating. I wonder if Miles put her up to it because he wants to know more about the lies he knows he’s being told- he does run his credit cards and find out about Australia (instead of Palm Springs) later… I doubt she's doing "recon for Widmore, DHARMA, Dr. Chang or someone. It's possible I guess.

Books on Sawyer's dresser, which Charlotte also examines:

A Wrinkle in Time- kind of relevant

Watership Down- He fight with Boone about it. Apparently Boone brought it or they both did and Sawyer took it when he went onto hoarding mode just after they made camp.



We see Liam again asking about Charlie. Hope we find out more, there.

In the flash sideways,Sawyer’s not a very good liar or Miles can read his partner. Sawyer’s been lying to Miles about where he went – Oceanic 815 to Australia, but appears to come clean about (part?) of his past that Miles may not know about.

I wonder if Sawyer has a con man past and that’s why he’s trying to find Anthony Cooper? It would make a good story of his choosing to become a cop or criminal and overcoming the past as we saw with Jack in his flash sideways when his mom offers him a drink, he declines and his mom commends him. But if he’s a recovering alcoholic, his mom surely wouldn’t offer him a drink, unless she did so absent-mindedly in her state of grief? In either case, they could have chose the wrong way then corrected themselves. More than likely, though, I think both came close- Jack- stress and alcoholism in the family/ Sawyer- dad involved in crime? and himself nearly so as he described to Charlotte at the restaurant- and both chose the right path over the destructive one altogether.

When Miles confronts Sawyer about lying about Australia, he mentions 815. Does he know something about where that flight was supposed to go or is he just mad about lying to his partner? Sawyer punches the mirror when Miles says he’s not his partner, like Jack does at the lighthouse.


Sawyer goes back to Charlotte to apologize- with beer and a sunflower (??). She rejects him. Maybe he should have brought wine, like with Juliet? Was she just not up for giving he blind date another chance after an intense burst of anger for something so small or did she get the info she needed and is not interested in him or has a boyfriend- Faraday? Sawyer leaves the sunflower. Maybe this shows he’s got a softer side than before- before, he wouldn’t have gone back and if he did, after the rejection, he would have said suit yourself rather than leaving the flower in a gesture to show he’s still sorry or that he’s still open to talking when she’s ready.

Sawyer makes up with Miles and lets him look at the Sawyer file:
"When I was nine years old, my father shot my mother, then he killed himself. Sawyer was the reason why. He was a grifter, con man. I've been hunting him down since the day I left the academy. I chased down a lead in Australia. Got a name, Anthony Cooper. I ran the name. I got a list of Anthony Coopers, and I've been calling them. And when I find the right one, I'm going to kill him."

Sawyer's car is hit by a woman in a car we find out is Kate in the last moments of the show.

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