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Monday, March 22, 2010

LOST Episode 610: The Package

Dr. Chang shows up in the parallel universe?

That is looking to be wrong information, unless he is in the background or something. ? He's not on the guest star list. A lot of characters are in LA, so it's possible no matter who's centric episode it is, I guess.

Synopsis:(From ABC Television Network) Sun and Jin desperately continue their search for one another, and Locke confronts his enemy.

Guest starring:
Alan Dale as
Charles Widmore
Kevin Durand as
Anthony Azizi as
Andrew Divoff as
Mikhail Bakunin
Sheila Kelley as
Fred Koehler as
Chad Donella as desk clerk
Natalie Garcia Fryman as Ms. Kendall
Larry Joshua as Burditt


Post episode:

I didn't love this episode. I'll watch it again and see what I think, though. We learned a few things, though.

A drugged Desmond is the package and Locke's enemy (ABC summary) isn't Jacob, but Widmore. Is the package what was behind two locks and a guard in the sub? Why do you need two locks and a guard for a drugged guy? Perhaps it wasn't to keep drugged Desmond from leaving, but to keep him from being kidnapped- or Desmond is only part of the package. Calling Desmond the package reminded me of Mr. Paik's employees delivering his messages, which are beatings or kills.

In the flash sideways, Jin and Sun aren't married but they still end up going to LA "together," they are secretly dating and happy, Sun doesn't know English- unlike in the original, Jin still works for Mr. Paik, and Sun is pregnant- like on the island. Since she didn't appear to have that fling with the family friend, she knows it's Jin's. And, by the way, Jin doesn't have fertility problems in the flash sideways.

It has been asked, is the baby in the flash sideways Jin's. I say yes. No doubt. Before the knock at the door, she was going to tell him something. Probably that she was pregnant.

Why does Jin still work for Mr. Paik? I thought this was a bargain in order for Sun to be able marry Jin. Mr. Paik is another master and ruthless manipulator, it seems. In the flash sideways, Mr. Paik sends Jin to LA to be killed by Keamy the hit man and his friends- Sun gets shot at the end so, that may backfire. In the original story, Mr. Paik probably gets Jin to work for him so Sun will hate him as she hates her father for what he does. I don't know that she knows what her father does in the flash sideways; it wasn't clear. Or perhaps, her father doesn't order hits in this one. He did pay Keamy to get Jin.

Sayid just gave Jin the knife to free himself. Not very nice. But, on the other hand, he witnessed Sayid killing or at least shooting everyone. So maybe it was nice of him that he didn't kill Jin as well? Oh well. We do learn that Sun was at the bank with Mikhail while Jin was in the fridge when we saw him in Sayid's episode. The watch was in fact for Keamy and the money did get held at customs which caused Jin to get tied up in the restaurant fridge, like many suspected. And Mikhail is apparently fated to have one eye since it happened in the sideways as well.

It was interesting how in the original, Sun learned English and was planning to run away by herself in LA (Jin may have been planning for them to run away together on his father's advice after making the LA errand his last for Paik-but did Paik plan to have Jin offed in LA in this time line as well?), while in the flash sideways, Jin and Sun weren't together yet and Sun was planning for them to run away together (if daddy hadn't freeze the "secret" account, that is). They are happier in the flash sideways, but it looks like Jin was to die and when he survived, Sun may now die. Is it their destiny to be apart??

Locke promises to find Sun for Jin- everyone is promising these two that? I hope they aren't building for them not to be together ultimately. I'd be mad.

Sayid tells Locke he can't feel emotions and Locke says something curious- that might be best for what's to come. The war? I hope the war is not too corny or predictable or as simple as a war. That would be a big disappointment. I've had enough of war, myself.

Ilana says Ben's lying because he opened his mouth, which was great. Good one.

She also says Jacob hasn't misled or lied to her yet, which is a contrast to some other characters. She seems to be the only one who hasn't doubted Jacob even when it looked like Richard didn't know what to do as Jacob had said he would. There could be religious symbolism, there. Oh, and Hurley hasn't really doubted, but he can see Jacob and seems to be just relaying stuff so I don't know where he stands. Is he following because he believes or trusts Jacob because he can see him, does he not trust him, does he feel obligated to relay these messages despite not knowing who to trust?

Sun runs from Locke when they meet in her garden. He offers his hand and she bolts. She's terrified and doesn't trust him. This leads to her running into a tree. (Really?) Locke tells her he can't make her, so there's that element of choice or free will that we've seen with both Locke and Jacob.

Sun's speaking Korean only after the jungle fall. She can understand and write English, however- as Jack finds out when he tests his hypothesis from his experience as a doctor. I thought the irony was great. He has become quite the man of faith since his lighthouse visit, but he's the one with the scientific explanation for this. On Jay and Jack's podcast, they thought MIB could have taken away her language since he wouldn't have wanted her to tell what she found out. I like the dual explanations of supernatural and science.

Jack promises Sun they won't leave without Jin. How many more will promise these two that?? She writes that she doesn't trust Locke, but does trust Jack.

We see Room 23 again and Jin confirms this when he flips the switch and we see the subliminal images, sound and lights that Karl was exposed to. Jin wants to see Widmore and conveniently Zoe relays that Widmore wants to see him. Widmore apparently wants to see him because his name's on DHARMA geological survey maps of electromagnetic pockets. I guess that's an answer for us. That, and if Locke escapes everyone we know and love would simply cease to be. What does that mean? It doesn't sound like death or murder... I thought they'd debunked the dream theory. I hope it's better than that.

MIB's shady side tuns up when Claire realizes Aaron will think Kate's his mom, not her. MIB has said she will see Aaron again, but maybe like with Sayid, they won't be able to have the relationship she really wants. I'm still confused about the emphasis on her raising him (psychic) and keeping him (Kate and others) and MIB's declaration that he and Aaron have crazy mothers and things would have been better for him had she not been, implying that he doesn't want her to raise Aaron. He did promise to reunite them if she ran the errand in the temple, though.

We learn that Kate was a candidate, but is now crossed off the cave wall. Is she also gone from the lighthouse wheel? What caused her to lose candidate status? Is this real or just what Locke is trying to figure out? I wonder if Locke is the one crossing off the names as he finds out info on the candidates or if someone else is and he looked at it. He did cross Locke off, though, not that he is the only one able to do that. So, Kate and Claire aren't candidates, but Locke needs them to bring the other candidates off the island (or to kill them??).

Sawyer of someone asks the question many fans wanted to know- why use the boat- why not turn into smoke and fly on over there? What is it with Smokey and water? His problem is more so oceans than rain I guess... His human form can go over water in a boat and both forms seem to be able to be contained by the sonic fence. What is he???

Does he not actually have control over when he becomes Smokey? If not, who does?
  • Jacob?
  • Events on the island?
  • His emotions, like the Hulk? He did say he used to feel love, sadness, etc, though...

Locke responds to Sawyer that he doesn't like secrets and that's why he sent Sayid- to see what's in the locked room on the sub.

I was kind of disappointed Locke didn't do something when he arrived on Hydra. He wasn't able to cross the pylons and we still don't know why. He smiles when Widmore's people shoot at him (because he can't be killed that way or by those people?? Or they have really bad aim.) and says he comes in peace.

Widmore says he doesn't know who MIB is, but has an idea of what he is. He's heard myths and legends and noises in the jungle while he lived here. I wonder what it is Widmore thinks Locke is?

Widmore is a little upset that Zoe jumped the gun and kidnapped Jin a few days earlier than planned. He did show Jin pictures of his daughter, which was nice. Obviously, Widmore is using that to motivate him to do what he wants... He is to be shown the package (Desmond). Do Widmore's goals align or interfere with either MIB's or Jacob's goals?

Also disappointing was that Sayid didn't interact with anyone when he went to see who (not what-as corrected by Widmore) the package was. Desmond appeared to see him, but couldn't do anything about it. I know they are building to the finale and all, but this one was a bit slow. I didn't hate it, though. Ab Aeterno was slow island-wise, but at least we got a lot of good info and a good story on Richard.

I didn't catch this, but Lostpedia has this:
When speaking with Jin, Widmore uses the phrase "happily ever after", which is a direct reference to the title of the next episode.

-->I found that it was actually Keamy who said it when Jin and Sun asked that Keamy not tell Mr. Paik that Jin and Sun are involved.

This was a bit confusing since isn't that the reason for Mr. Paik's paying Keamy to kill Jin?? He should already know. I guess when Keamy reveals this, Jin can't understand (English), so it's more irony or something.

The title has a less happy sort of meaning for Desmond or whomever this episode is about? I hope not!

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