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Monday, March 22, 2010

LOST Episode 611: Happily Ever After

Pre- 611:

I didn't catch this, but Lostpedia has this about the previous episode (610), The Package:

When speaking with Jin, Widmore
uses the phrase "happily ever after", which is a direct reference to the title of the this episode.

EDIT-->I found that it was actually Keamy who said it when Jin and Sun asked that Keamy not tell Mr. Paik that Jin and Sun are involved.

This was a bit confusing since isn't that the reason for Mr. Paik's paying Keamy to kill Jin?? He should already know. I guess when Keamy reveals this, Jin can't understand (English), so it's more irony or something.

The title has a less happy sort of meaning for Desmond or whomever this episode is about? I hope not!

Could this be a Desmond episode?

In pondering this, I've read some to jog my memory on some things.

Eloise told him pushing the button was the greatest thing he'd ever do.

When Eloise showed him a ring and Desmond told her he would take it, she seemed upset and responded by telling him he would not. After Desmond refused to give the ring back she explained to Desmond that she knows his name, he will break Penny's heart, he will not marry Penny, instead entering the sailing race to prove Penny's father wrong, and he will go to the Island and press the button for three years until forced to turn the failsafe key. She said that if he "doesn't do those things," that "every single one of us is dead."

That last bit sounds like Widmore's warning that if MIB gets off the island the people they love will cease to exist. The two were married. Do they talk? What is their relationship now? Are they in cahoots? Or the opposite?

4/3/10 edit:

Charlie, Daniel, Eloise, Penny! Awesome. This is going to be a good one. Goon #1 and clipboard guy. Nice.
Lawyer- maybe we're going to see the spoiler scene where several characters converge (knowingly or unknowingly?) -Claire about the adoption, Desmond advising her to get a lawyer, David and Jack for the will reading (with a phone call from the ex-will we find out who she is??) and maybe Charlie for the drugs.
The hospital is also a place for characters ot converge with Sun shot in the stomach, Jack being a doctor, Locke possibly needing a doctor.

Dominic Monaghan as Charlie
Henry Ian Cusick as Desmond
Jeremy Davies as Daniel Faraday
Alan Dale as Charles Widmore
Fionnula Flanagan as Eloise Hawking
Sonya Walger as Penelope "Penny" Widmore
Fisher Stevens as George Minkowski
Sheila Kelley as Zoe
Fred Koehler as Seamus
Kayren Butler as doctor
Ben Cain as MRI tech
Grisel Toledo as Nurse Tyra
Sundra Oakley as lawyer
Haley Williams as assistant
Jonathan Arthur as Simmons
Gerard Elmore as clipboard guy
Hannah Bell as nurse
Christopher McGahan as techie #1
Steve Boatright as goon #1.

Post 611- 4/7/10:

On the podcasts, a lot of people are commneting on the bunny, Angstrom. I definitely don't think this and Faraday and other names of philosophers and literary figures are huge clues or Easter eggs. If you have ever taken basic science I think you should at least know Angstrom and Faraday were men who had units of measure in their field named after them even if you don't remember what their field was or how to do any calculations involving them. I like the relevance, but there are so many good literary references and other things like that. This wasn't a big a deal to me as it seems to be for many podcast listeners.

One interesting thing the podcasts pointed out was that water affects magnetism and Desmond and MIB both seem to have some - not phobia- but issue with water. MIB can't turn into Smoky and fly over water. Desmond has had scenes where he flashed while water was running or he encountered water - when Ben shot him and with Charlie twice, etc.

Charlie said the flash sideways aren't real or don't matter or something. This seems like a clue. But is this just a love drunk junkie's take on things or a real clue? Interesting. Is he talking about life, though? He said on the plane after choking that he was supposed to die or something like that. Maybe since he died on the island, he knows what's up and can help the Losties figure out what they need to do, like Isabella did for Richard.

The choice and free will vs. predestination thing comes up again when Charlie said his choice doesn't sound like much of a choice (like some of Jacob and MIB's choices) and Desmond says there is always a choice, "brotha." I love a Desmond episode. This is like the temple choice and the purge choice- do this thing I want you to do or you will die. Some choice.

There's a scale in Widmore's office. Is there meaning behind it in the fact that it's balanced or is this just a nod to the struggle on the island between MIB and Jacob, which appears to be good vs. evil?

Faraday is a musician like he wanted. I wonder if Eloise didn't push him to be a physicist or he went against her wishes to study music? They look like a happy little family- Charles, Eloise, and Daniel.

Penny is still Daniel’s half brother, but her name isn’t Widmore. Some people think the common parent is Eloise in this one rather than Widmore. I personally don’t think that's true. That wouldn’t make sense genetically, not that it has to on TV/fiction. ☺ A shift in family trees hasn’t been seen so far, so that would definitely be puzzling if Penny is Eloise’s daughter.

You could explain the different surname by her taking her stepfather’s name (if there is one?), her mother's name, an adoptive family’s name if her mother died when she was young (and she couldn’t live with Widmmore for some reason), Widmore told her to change it or changed it for her because he thought it would help get done what he thinks he’s got to do with the island, Widmore changed it for her to distance her from what he’s doing for her safety, Widmore changed it for her to try and hide her from Desmond. Of course Faraday had the name Faraday instead of Hawking or Widmore- so maybe Penny's mom isn't going to be important; it's just supposed to mirror the Faraday name thing. Milton wrote Paradise Lost... Maybe it's not so much a clue as a little joke and allusion.

Desmond has Widmore's approval. Eloise said that's the thing he wanted. If she truly knows what's up, she would know that Desmond only wanted Widmore's approval to be with Penny? Or we're all wrong and love isn't what drives Des, it's really power?? Otherwise, she seems like she knows a lot about what's going on. Maybe Widmore or someone else is giving her instructions and that's what he thinks Desmond wanted most- money, power, Widmore's approval and help to get those things? I say Widmore because that would be pretty egocentric and a guy with so much power would think that's what matters most. On the other hand, he does care that he sacrificed Penny's love and I don't know that he knows as much as Eloise...

Perhaps she got this bad tip from someone else, someone else gave Desmond this life, or Eloise doesn't know as much as we think and someone else is running the show (MIB? Jacob?)

Desmond's sacrifice. He will have to help Widmore or all the people they love will cease to exist. He agrees. What is the sacrifice? That Penny will live, but he will be Widmore's right hand man and can't be with her? That type of sacrifice or "choice" seems to reappear quite a bit. Is Widmore setting things up so that he will have Penny's love, but Desmond won't- but he will have success, power, money? If so, he will turn out to be as cold as Mr. Paik! Maybe we will find they aren't so bad- they were just doing bad things so that in the end they'd live Happily Ever After?

Desmond is the only one who survived a catastrophic electromagnetic event? I thought Charlie was with him. Maybe he wasn't as close to it as Desmond? And he wasn't alive to bring back to the island.

Another test- putting Desmond in the EM generator to see if he does indeed live. Nice. It may have been overkill to fry that one guy, though. I get it already, not one survives it. Except Desmond.

Desmond is Widmore's right hand man in the flash sideways?! And good enough to share his McCutcheon's with. Wow.

Freighter guy- George Minkowski- is the driver. Desmond was also on Oceanic 815 instead of pushing that button. An answer. Jack did see the actual Desmond; he was on the flight.

Desmond and Charlie are again together. The near death experiences of Charlie's choking and Desmond and Charlie's recent near drowning showed them who they loved in the original time line even thought they don't know them in this time line. Faraday encountered some knowledge from the original time in a dream. He found out about his original time line love for Charlotte while she was eating chocolate and not in a near death experience like the other two.

Also in the flash sideways, Eloise and Charles are still married and together, Eloise's name is Widmore rather than Hawking, Faraday's name is Widmore, Faraday lives or has lived with both parents it seems. Penny is not a Widmore, but a Milton? Charlie's band is playing at the Widmore's charity event, but has to get bailed out by the all powerful Widmore first or face the wrath of Eloise.

Eloise is again warning Desmond not to find or not to be with Penny. When she said it with the engagement rings, I got the impression that she didn't want them together at all. This time, she seems to say he's not ready (the island isn't done with him yet? But it's underwater in this timeline??). It doesn't seem as final, as though she'd be ok with them being together after she does what she needs to do. Is she trying to merge the time lines or keep them separate? Has her goal been to eliminate Penny or the mistress that is Penny's mother? Or was Penny born at a time Widmore wasn't married to Eloise so everybody's cool? Widmore and Eloise didn't make reference to DHARMA like Ben's dad- were they still DHARMA way back when?

There is a hands off the bosses daughter theme in this one, though not to the degree we saw with Jin and Sun. It comes from Eloise rather than Charles, this time, though. I wonder if Widmore would be ok with Desmond being with Penny now or if whatever Eloise says goes.

Could all of this just be all not to make Eloise mad? Is she the one that will cause everyone's loved ones to case to exist? This episode gives the impression that the Widmores are running the show, not MIB and Jacob as I was thinking. The exception being what I mentioned above with Eloise saying Widmore's approval was what Desmond wanted most...

Charlie wrecking the car to make Desmond see what he's talking about with seeing Claire was crazy. I didn't see that coming. Does he have a death wish or does he know he can't die or is already dead or something else? Of course we see a repeat of Charlie's drowning death in flashes which is a good tie in.

Faraday gives us (through Desmond) some clues. They compare notes on seeing a girl they love but haven't met - in this time line. Faraday has the added experience about the physics stuff in his sleep. It shows real and imaginary time merging... It seems like it's going to be one or the other at this point, but maybe they'll be able to take the good stuff from the new timeline and the love from the old one as it merges? And be...Happily Ever After...? I'm glad the title wasn't necessarily ironic. We don't know yet.

Desmond quickly changes "sides" if that is what is going on. I've said that's the way it looks, but I'm hoping it's something better. He coolly goes from walking with Zoe to going along with Sayid. He's pretty unaffected by Sayid's kiling of Widmore's men, like he knows what's going on. Interesting that Sayid told Zoe to run. Sayid wanted Widmore to know what happened? Is Desmond just love-struck from seeing Penny in the flash sideways or does he know his purpose now and knows it involves MIB and Sayid? I assume Sayid was told by MIB to do this since Sayid feels nothing- he wouldn't feel motivated by anything to do it on his own?

Desmond asks Minkowski to get the Oceanic flight manifest. Again with the lists. He's going to show them something... love? I wonder if we want him to show them somehting or if this will cause harm to our Happily Ever After (ending)? Maybe we should be on Eloise's side for him to not interfere? She said someone has affected the way he sees things and this is a violation. Again with the rules! Puzzling. A violation for Desmond or Charlie? Will one of them be penalized?

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