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Monday, March 22, 2010

LOST Episode 612: Everybody Loves Hugo

Well, this has got to be the Hurley flash sideways. There was a spoiler on the transmission that had Jorge Garcia's stand in picking up a ticket off of the street. Did he win the lottery because he was already lucky? Did winning the lottery make him think of himself as lucky? Since he didn't pick the numbers, it doesn't matter if they were THE numbers or the new numbers or some other set maybe. And perhaps the numbers don't make him crazy. Did Jacob or someone cause the numbers to show up in Hurley's life to get him to the island in the original? Also, in the original he was going to Sydney to follow the numbers or something, so why was he on a plane this time. Maybe some business deal- with Widmore?? Maybe his dad gives him good advice or Hurley already has some business sense in the flash sideways.


I only watched it once and that just 3 days before the next episode, this is what I picked up on-

Hurley is definitely taking more of a leadership role- deciding to talk to Unlocke, questioning Ilana on the dynamite, getting people to follow him. Jack's just falling in line so far; he used to make the decisions for the Losties.

Libby's doctor said something I thought was significant- "she has a problem with reality". The way he said it wasn't a good idea for Hurley to see her sounded like Eloise telling Desmond he wasn't ready to see Penny or the list that Penny was on for the charity event- were there others on Flight 815? A filming report spoiler from The Transmission hints that may be the case.

There was a lot last episode about love. This time, there is a lot about trust:
  • Hurley asks Michael why he should trust him- he murdered Libby and Analucia
  • Ilana says "you have to trust me" before she blows up when Hurley questions her
  • Hurley asks Jack to trust him in agreeing to go with Richard to the Black Rock
  • Jack reassures Hurley that he trusts him- "this is me trusting you"
  • Desmond takes Locke's hand after he unties him, unlike many who have refused.

There was more about the island as a character, this time with Ben and Desmond. Locke has spoken that was when he was really Locke. Jacob and Richard are said to believe it needs protecting, like a person, like Ilana with the candidates.

Dr. Chang makes an appearance as a museum official giving a speech about Hurley for being so great and making another wing of the museum possible. I am still unclear as to whether Miles' name is Chang or Straume, whether his mom and dad are together in the flash sideways. This probably doesn't matter unless it plays into the bigger theme of love somehow...

Jorge Garcia's dog, NuNu, stars in the Chang video- he's the chihuahua in the pound apparently. Also on the podcast, he says filming was supposed to end April 16, but will go to April 24 or so. Will The Transmission be able to get more spoilers for their Forward Cabin?

The Hurley picking up the ticket scene is yet to be seen or maybe it got cut. In Chang's video (funny that he's hosting another video, this time of the non-DHARMA sort) it doesn't mention a lottery, but a lot of business ventures and philanthropy.

In the Geronimo Jack's Beard podcast, they mention Hurley picking up a dollar bill and using the numbers off of there to win the lottery. I don't know if they were being funny or if the script said that, but it didn't air or something.

Michael tells Hurley that if that plane blows up a lot of people will die and it will be his fault. Isabella through Hurley tells Richard not to let MIB leave the island. So is MIB supposed to leave the island or not? Are there 2 sides amongst the dead, too? It appears that Richard assumed he should blow up the plane, but that might not be the right way?

And look at Hurley getting sneaky. He tells Jack to trust him that Richard's right, they have to get more dynamite when his plan is really to explode it and get rid of it.

The jungle boy (slightly older?) returns and Desmond can see him. Locke seems resigned to the fact that others can see him and tells Desmond to ignore him. Why can't Richard? Only candidates can? Anyway, Locke doesn't act all afraid like last time. Why?? Jungle boy, probably young Jacob, smirks as Desmond and Locke walk away. Why? Does the boy know Locke will kill Desmond? Does he want Desmond out of the way himself? Does he know there will be consequences for MIB if he kills Desmond?

Pushing Desmond down the well seems to give us another reason MIB is more bad than good or neutral. Unless in so doing he is helping accomplish something like when Charlie wrecks the car to show Desmond his true love in the other time line.

Whether or not it's important, several points were made about the well:
  • there is more than one
  • they were dug to find answers
  • it makes a compass spin (implying the EM phenom.)

Some are asking why Charlie had to nearly drown Desmond and Desmond had to run over Locke (presumably) to show them this love and why Daniel just saw Charlotte eating chocolate and Desmond talked to Hurley. I remember what Jacob said- "
Sometimes you can just hop in the back of someone's cab and tell them what to do. Other times you have to let them look out at the ocean for awhile."

I guess we don't know Desmond is dead for sure. If he's a candidate, MIB can't kill him- or so we think. Either way- that wasn't nice pushing him down that well like that! I guess I thought he was going to have more of a role. Hopefully that won't be the end of Desmond! Is this his punishment for the "violation" Eloise mentioned in Happily Ever After-his way of seeing things being influenced and his desire to show Flight 815 their love in another life??

Ilana blows up like Arzt did. Kinda dumb to throw down a bag of unstable dynamite. Did she mean to do it? Locke had to die. Richard wants to die. Jacob's dead. Does Jacob or the island have it in for everyone or must she die in order to accomplish something?
Was it just a mistake and the writers needed to get rid of her for the story to progress?

What's in Ilana's bag that Hurley picked up? Jacob's ashes.

Richard asks Hurley to ask Jacob what the island is to prove Hurley's really talking to him. Some think it is significant. I thought Richard was just looking for the answer of "the cork" as proof. I don't know that he knows much more than that personally.
Richard and Jack seemed to know Hurley wasn't talking to Jacob- or at least that's what they want people to believe. Hurley was convincing- he used that dodging the question thing with Dogen.

In the jungle, candidates and non-candidates seem to go in different directions. Richard leads the non-candidates (to their doom??) and Hurley leads the candidates. Could he be the one?

Did Desmond make Libby remember Hurley first? He did visit Hurley, but after the initial meeting with Libby to encourage another meeting (?) to jog his memory. Libby helps Hurley remember their mutual love/like with a kiss- a bit less forcefully than Charlie helps Desmond remember. Desmond is turning out to be quite the puppetmaster. Charlie set him in motion, so is he the puppetmaster? Who tipped Charlie off? Would that be the true puppetmaster? Eloise knows a lot, but doesn't want Desmond snooping around, so this puppetmaster would have to be working in opposition to the Widmores...

Desmond runs over Locke in his wheelchair in the flash sideways??? He's outside Ben's school, but I don't think location has anything to do with it. There is a spoiler that says Desmond is seen beating Ben up- wonder if that's to come or if it got cut? Ben asks Desmond who he's waiting on to try and see if he's a molester of something. Desmond says his son is Charlie. This could be like when Claire said Aaron in the hospital in the flash sideways. A bleed through of the time lines. Or it could be he just had that crazy encounter with Charlie and that's who's name came to mind. Or he could know he has a son named Charlie because he saw those flashes of Penny, Charlie's birth, Charlie as a toddler, etc, so it wasn't like Claire so much as a stretch of the truth- he does have a son, but not in this life and not at this school.

What's up with that, Desmond? Hit and run, too. Ouch! Was Desmond trying to "show" Locke something? He's with Helen in the flash sideways, so he wouldn't be trying to show him that. Maybe he wanted to kill him because he's one that got his love in the flash sideways--but I'm still thinking about choosing one or the other time line, though. I don't think it will be a one or the other type of thing. I hope not, anyway. He could have been showing him that he can walk in the flash sideways. That has been a nagging issue with Locke- he seemed to be trying to come to terms with the fact that he won't walk Helen down the aisle. Will he have to make a choice- walking or Helen?

If Desmond can still hop around in time, I guess he could be paying Locke back for pushing him down that well, but I just don't think that's it.

We get big answers about the island from Michael:

Michael steps out and Hurley says, "You're stuck on the island, aren't you?"

Michael nods. "Because of what I did."

"And, there are others out here like you, aren't there? That's what the whispers are?"

"Yeah, we're the ones that can't move on."

Does this mean the island is purgatory? I thought Damon and Carlton had rejected that theory. We assume he's stuck because of bad things he did. Maybe he's stuck there for another thing he did related to leaving the island or something?

I thought it was strange having him pop in and drop that much on us. It didn't really flow, I thought. It seems like the writers thought, hmm, we're getting close to the end and we need to cram all this in so here goes. Not that I hated getting answers, though!

Last episode, the Charlie and Daniel pouncing on and pestering Desmond about true love seemed dropped on us, too. Maybe it was that blunt to give us the feeling that the characters are impatient and want answers and want to know their loves? I hope answers in the future are more subtle or delivered a bit more smoothly.

All candidates are together- except Jin. What does that mean? Maybe it's just a way to get that confrontation with Widmore and move the story. Or is he the candidate?

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