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Monday, March 22, 2010

LOST Episode 613: The Last Recruit

(From ABC Television Network) Alliances are forged and broken as the Locke and Jack camps merge.

Ilana said MIB was recruiting.

Recruits for what??

  • Killing the candidates after he gets off the island because he can't kill them and doesn't want them to return to the island
  • Getting rid of or sinking the island so the candidates can't return and that way he won't have to have them killed
  • Replacing MIB
  • Appointing a person to balance out Jacob and his candidates

Are Jacob's candidates the same as MIB's recruits?

Or must he get the candidates off the island and his recruits help him do that?

MIB didn't necessarily say Kate was a recruit, but he told Claire that she could get some candidates to come with them.

Must his recruits be taken over with the sickness or the darkness that eventually goes to the heart? Does the sickness cause/allow one to be a recruit or are recruits made sick?

In the same vein, I wonder if the Oceanic 6 became that because they were candidates or they became candidates as a result of being the Oceanic 6. It can't be coincidence.


IMDB's list- The Last Recruit (IMDB-Lost)

post episode 4/20/19:

So Jack's the last recruit. Claire foreshadowed and Locke seems to confirm at the end after a death or near death experience.

We had gotten a heads up from Damon and Carlton that this wouldn't have character centricity.

Hurley was leading, but upon meeting Unlocke again, Jack takes the reins. We have another instance of an answer dump, but I guess it was smoother than in the last 2 episodes.

1. Jack: Why do you look like John Locke?
Unlocke: He stupidly believed he was brought here for a reason, was killed, body was brought back to island.
2. There is confirmation that Locke had to be dead to look like Locke. No answer on who else MIB has looked like. :(
3. Jack's real question- when he chased his dead dad in the jungle the first time, was it MIB?
Unlocke says yes!
In answer to why, Unlocke says Jack needed water. He has only ever wnted to help him. (Like with Ben, I'm asking can we trust him?)
Jack: Help to do what?
Unlocke: Leave. More answers- Before Jack arrived, Jacob chose him, so he was trapped on the island. This is at odds with what we're thinking for Michael and MIB, that they were trapped on the island for doing something evil. Of course Jacob and MIB always say opposite things- who knows who is right? Locke continues that since Jacob's dead, they can get on the plane anytime.
Jack: If that's true, why don't you just go?
Unlocke: All of them have to go. That's not the first time we've heard all must go together...
Jack: Still insists Locke believed in the island and did all he could to keep us here.
Unlocke: Locke wasn't a believer, he was a sucker.

It's interesting that Sun and Locke arrive at the hospital on stretchers at the same time. What does Sun know that makes her respond-! and it's him! She looked pretty scared.

Claire talks to Jack in the jungle after Unlocke does. Claire seems to know Jack is with her and Unlocke. Jack says he isn't sure and Claire proves it by saying he let him talk to him just like the rest of us did. This calls back to what Dogen tells Sayid and I think MIB tells Richard about stabbing a person before he speaks.

Sawyer (of Team Sawyer) is apparently going to play with Widmore for now so he can take the sub. He will kidnap a captain for it, which answers another of our burning questions. Claire and Sayid aren't invited of course.

Sawyer's talking ot Kate in the police station. I thought a significant line was "someone's trying to put us together" in talking about their 2 run ins. Kate says what we all thought was the case- Sawyer didn't arrest Kate at LAX because he didn't want anyone to know he went ot Australia.

Jack (talking ot Kate in jungle) isn't sure if Unlocke is telling the truth that they all have to leave and have to do it together.

Zoe raids MIB's camp and if I heard correctly, asks for "Man In Charge"?? Unless there was a "the" in front of that, I guess MIB should be MIC? Demands for Desmond cryptically with pyrotechnics- deadline is night fall. Unlocke says "well, here we go." A confrontation is imminent?

Desmond runs into pregnant Claire and very obnoxiously insists she see his lawyer. His smile when his lawyer, Ilana, confirms that yes, he's instigating this meeting. But since Ilana was looking for her for Christian's will, perhaps someone else was actually instigating this meeting. He says something that could be significant or a clue- "you may find yourself in a situation that's irreversible." Is this because she is supposed ot raise Aaron or does it have meaning for the two realities?

Unlocke addresses his people and refers, like Widmore, that this is happening early- who made the schedule anyway- Widmore or MIB or someone else? He said they forced our hand, claimed we stole from them- he knows Desmond is the package- maybe Sayid wasn't supposed ot kidnap him??

In another confusing move, Unlocke picks Sawyer to get the boat even though he probably knows Sawyer's not really with him. I'm guessing Unlocke knew and wanted Sawyer to rebel. That way, he gives the candidates to Widmore (if they are working together) or whatever his goal is while still looking like he is trying to help?

Unlocke tells Sayid to kill Desmond to get what he asked for (Shannon, Nadia?). First off, the well wasn't nearly as deep as I thought! Second, I thought Sayid would get his wish after giving the message inside the temple. Perhaps the deal was to do whatever and however much is asked of him to get what he wants? I'm going to say it is Nadia, since we flash to her and not Shannon.

I'm sensing tension between Sayid and Unlocke. Sayid even lies to him. Unlocke seems to know it, though. What motivation would a man who can't feel anything have ot lie? Weird, since Sayid supposedly can't feel anything. Perhaps Sayid is getting impatient or thinks MIB won't deliver. Richard switched sides when MIB asked a lot- Jacob delivered on his end of the deal quicker.

From the well, Desmond asked Sayid what MIB offered him. This reminds me of when Dogen and Sayid discuss what was promised to them. Desmond makes a good point that probably saved his life- if Sayid tells Nadia what he did to be able to be with her, she probably won't want to be with him. This reminds me of the sacrifice some seem to make- to be with their loves or save them, but they can't really be with them. Also a few minutes later a cool parallel is that Sayid in the flash sideways tells Nadia that he will leave and not come back because of what he did though they don't name the deed.

Possibly another answer- Sayid says he believes MIB can bring Nadia back because Sayid was dead and he brought him back.

They threw me a bone! Miles' name is in fact Straume. Can we assume he lived with his divorced mom with his dad being in the area?

2 other reveals:
1.Claire trusts Unlocke because he's the only one who didn't abandon her. This reminds me of Ben saying Unlocke was the only one who'll have him.
2.Unlocke denies causing Sun's run-in with the tree and or her language difficulty. ???

Claire makes it on the boat with the candidates. Kate invites her. Does that mean she's allowed to come, like Jacob inviting people into his lair? Does she still want to kill her? I get the impression she doesn't just then...

David and Jack are at the courthouse - still don't know who the ex is, though. Ilana, the lawyer, says "do you believe in fate." She's talking about finding Claire, but it could have greater implications.

On the boat, Sawyer confronts Jack.
Jack: this doesn't feel right
Sawyer: What?
Jack: Leaving the island. A part of him is missing, like last time. They were brought here because they were supposed to do something.
He is sounding a lot like Locke, the man of faith...or the sucker.
Jack: Maybe Unlocke is afraid of what happens if they stay.
Sawyer: You have a decision to make- be with us and keep the crazy talk to yourslf or get off the boat.
Jack: This is a mistake.
Sun and Lapidus had similar talk about a mistake.
Jack: The island isn't done with us yet.
This has been said over and over about Desmond and the Oceanic 6, etc.

Jack takes the leap of faith and jumps off the boat. He apologizes for Juliet's death like he's going to die and he's making amends.

I thought I was going ot hear the thud here, but it was just a commercial.

Sun's alive, the baby's fine and Sun and Jin fonally reunite on the island! Yay!

Jack recognizes Locke just before operating. He seems overly confident. We don't get to see the results or other reactions. Does he know him from the Oceanic flight or does he remember the island time, too?

Zoe has Sawyer's people at gunpoint, stands down upon recognition long enough for the Jin/Sun reunion, then gets Widmore's command to take them at gunpoint- the deal's off. Sun can speak English upon meeting Jin. I expected that. The writing on paper was getting old.

I thought Jin and Sun were going to get killed at the sonic fence, like most people. I heard Zoe say to turn off the fence, but those guys must not be the sharpest science nerds ever- they killed that one guy in the EM generator after all. I don't think it was an unwarranted assumption we all had. I'm glad we were all wrong!

Zoe gives the word ot blow Unlocke up. Of course he's unharmed. He rescues Jack. Is Jack dead or back from the dead or alive?? Has he taken a deal like Sayid or is the deal yet to come since Sayid was brought back before being offered the deal? Unlocke said everything will be ok, Jack's with Unlocke now. Is he really ok??


  1. Locke told Claire that he needed Kate to get Hugo,Sun and Jack,then he told Kate that he was waiting for them and they showed up all by themselves!

  2. i hope shannon gets back alive as well, because she was hot lol

  3. There are spoilers that say she filmed a scene where Sayid may jump out of a car to come to her aid when she has a fight with a man. We'll see.