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Monday, March 22, 2010

LOST Episode 616: What They Died For/ SPOILERS from the Transmission

Post episode:

Ok, so I am again in the minority. I didn't love the episode. I didn't even like it as much as I liked Across the Sea. I wouldn't call it a comic episode. I did laugh a few times, but it was more disbelief than funny, ha ha. A wild ride? I don't think so. It was ok.

A lot of things were clarified that we already assumed. I do realize they had to set up the last episode, so I'm not saying it was pointless or that I hated it. We did get some classic Ben, not the whipped, scared version.

Jack again notices a cut on his neck in the flash sideways, this time at his house. I think it happened on the airplane last time? Either way, David doesn't pop in on him the first time. Same cut of different one? I didn't get a good look. He has noticed an appendix scar in the flash sideways. What does all of this mean??

I thought we'd get to see or find out who David's mom is when they were talking about his piano concert and his parents were going and Jack wasn't to "act weird" around her. No luck on the mom still! That and the MIB's name- will we find out Sunday?? Will it kill me if we don't? No.

Oceanic calls Jack about his "cargo" and says it will arrive in LA at the end of the day.

It's really Desmond! Nice. What is he planning. Toward the end, he is getting everyone to come to the Widmore's concert event. Is this the concert David is in? I had assumed it was a recital, but LAX and Christian's body wouldn't help Jack reach the other people, so maybe the concert is the Widmore's? Or does he want them all to go to LAX fo rsome reason and Jack will take the more direct route?

Jack is stitching Kate up- like when she stitched him up in Season 1. Nice touch. Also I believe this is a spoiler scene described in a Forward Cabin of The Transmission. They both agree they need ot kill Locke, with Jack adding they need ot get Desmond. A plan. Things are moving.

Desmond's going to run over Locke again?? Noooo! But, Ben intervenes... and gets beaten up by Desmond for it. A scene also described in the Forward Cabin. Ben gets his island vision moment.

Ben is leading Miles and Alpert to his house to get the C4, but he seems to return to the old Ben, not the weak and scared one that we saw when he faced MIB. Miles indicates dead people are buried here- I thought perhaps he was hearing everyone from the Purge along with Alex talking to him or something, but he doesn't say and doesn't even get Alex's thoughts for us. It couldn't have been good, though.

At Ben's secret secret closet, he reveals this was how we was told he could summon Smokey, but he realized it was summoning him. Interesting...

Widmore is strangley calm at the other end of Ben's gun. (In the kitchen) We find that Widmore was the one who rigged the plane. Wasted trip, Ben!

Locke sees Ben in the hospital- he "saw something" while being beaten. His expression is of the old Ben (or Henry Gale with the beating)- did he see what he did, how he killed Alex, etc? He tells Locke that he wasn't trying to hurt him, but to help him let go. I wonder if Locke was at the hospital to see Jack originally (we know he saw at least the button portion of the island life), or did he make the decision about getting fixed when Ben told him that?

Desmond turns himself in to Sawyer and is quite pleased to be locked up with Sayid and Kate.

On their way to find Desmond, Jack and Sawyer talk about the Rules:
S: If Locke wanted Desmond dead, why not kill him himself?
J: Maybe it's one of his rules.
S: Thought he couldn't kill us. (Yeah, what's up with that??)

It was nice to see Sawyer realize Jack may have been right about not touching the bomb. He just wanted to do teh opposite of what Jack said because of Juliet and who wouldn't have done the same, but bad move, Sawyer. I say Sawyer killed those 3.

Hurley sees young Jacob in the jungle. This one's not a weak type, but very commanding and he takes the ashes out of Hurleys' hand. Why the kid form? Jacob didn't want him to know it was him??? Suddenly there is old Jacob, as though he needed those ashes so that everyone could see him (later) and to put himself to rest for good? He says that


Leaked screenplay of the last two LOST episodes!!! Is it real or not? I don't know. Is it fun? Yes.

(From ABC Television Network) While Locke devises a new strategy, Jack's group searches for Desmond.

Analucia and young Rousseau are in this episode?? Crazy. And more flash sideways? We will find out if that leaked script is legit or somebody's big joke!

Guest Cast:

From The Transmission: Across the Sea - also see Mar 21 and 28 episodes of podcast

These are just a few clues from the viewing of this episode that was done not long ago:

Actor readings from message in a bottle (?)
One of the top episodes (that's said of a lot of them!), amazing, satisfying.
LOST's comic episode. People were laughing a lot? I don't know if I like that.
Laughter, shock, sadness were expressed in the crowd.
Coincidences revealed (comicly), deadpan dialogue, winks and nods to the fans (don't know if I love those...), soon to be classic LOST lines..
Good pace, many characters.
"When a certain character was shown on screen it elicited a collective groan from the audience, eventually followed by outright cheering."
Ending was anticipatory. (Figures)
Wild and highly enjoyable ride.

Part 1 of the Finale? Or the episode before the finale?

A fan sighting says Jack and Kate were lying on the beach and Hurley was sitting on a crate. Kate had an ipod, though, so it may have been just them resting rather than filming? Of course this is from The Transmission- see sidebar.

Zoe will play a big role in this episode or part 2, whichever is the last one.

*** *** ***
The Transmission LOST podcast: Forward Cabin from Ab Aeterno edition

Probably the last week of filming? This is a rough copy. There hasn't been much editing and I haven't had a chance ot comment...

I apologize for the butchering of the spelling of Hawaiian locations! Here is a transcription of sorts:

RYAN: "On Monday the 22nd, they were still at Waikanae, this is by the pier again, north of Kooaloa. This is where they were at the end of last week and again they were well out of sight. I can say that at the trailers the folks did spot Kate and Hurley and Sawyer. And specifically noted that Kate seemed to have some kind of injury or blood on her left shoulder, but that's pretty much it for that day. Thanks to Jan as well as Francie for that report."

"The next day, the 23rd, it was Jack, Kate, Sawyer, and Hurley, but they were filming on the beach. Now, interestingly enough, they covered the sand up with boxes and life jackets and again things that kind of looked like the results of a shipwreck of some kind and they were all sort of staring out at the ocean."

"In the scene, Jack basically goes down near the water to pick up a backpack and he opens it up. He then goes to the other three. He tells them something and starts walking away and they all follow him."

"Later, a separate scene was Jack and Kate filming alone on the beach. Now first they were having a conversation, but then Jack was on his knees, basically bending over Kate, who was kind of lying down or against a log and he was basically doing something that wasn't clear, but it looked like he was sewing up a wound. Basically sewing up an injury that Kate had. And that kind of jives with an earlier report and is a nice parallel of Kate sewing up Jack in teh pilot episode. And thanks to Francie for that report."

"Now Wednesday was a fun day- or not. They were at Judd Trail. That's a very popular filming location. Now, interestingly enough, for the last week, Judd Trail, that location was being used for another production. It's a George Clooney movie. It's being called The Descendants. I'd been so used to people calling me and saying, "Hey, I think LOST is there and it took me awhile to baiscally figure out it was them. So when I heard there was, yes, film crew working at Judd Trail, that oh, that's probbaly George Clooney and his buddies. Unfortunately it was not. It was LOST, but nobody went to see. But I can tell you there was a jungle scene on Wednesday."

"Now on Thursday, it was an interesting day. They were down in Waikiki. And interestingly enough they revisited and rebuilt a set or a location from the past. It was the Flightline Motel. That was Locke's motel basically where he lived near the airport. We saw the Oceanic plane fly over. And where he basically tried at the last minute to propose to Helen and got shot down. So I thought that was interesting. It was Locke's motel, but nobody saw any fiiming. But spotted on the scene was Hurley's yellow Hummer. So, I'm not sure if Locke's involved, but Hurley was definitely involved in a scene at the Flightline Motel near the airport. And I do want to thank Steven for that report."

They were also on that day supposedly seen at Sacret Hearts Academy, that's on Waiaili, but unfortunately that report came in well after the fact. I do want to thank Eric for letting me know. "Now Sacred Hearts Academy has been a location before as well. The exterior was the exterior of the church under which the Lamp Post was hidden, so maybe that was it? The church right next door was also the church where Christian Shephard's funeral as held. So maybe they were using that location. No way to know, but that's where they were. I just share what I have. "

"Now Friday it gets more interesting. They were at Rehab Hospital of the Pacific that's on Kuakini Street, up in Nuauno Valley. The scene included Sawyer and Juliet. So, yes, Elizabeth Mitchell back in town. Back working and for whatever reason at that set. Now again we don't know if it was actually a hospital or if it was playing something else. I guess we're going to see. According to a guard there were also scenes with Kate and Jack as well."

"That same day they were also out at Police Beach. That's the famous beach camp once again. And for that scene, Claire, Miles and Lapidus were at work. And in the scene, Claire comes out of the bushes with a rifle, and, well, unfortunately everybody got moved off the beach at that point. But certainly at some point there was a shot fired in that scene."

"And finally, that day, still Friday, they moved down the beach to near the Ajira plane once again. And actually they set up rain machines, so it sounds like another sudden storm. And in that scene at the plane, Miles and Lapidus once again. Not sure if Claire stuck around for that. And I do want to thank Billy and Francie for their reports."

"On Saturday, actually that's today, as we record this podcast, they were again back at the base camp which is parked along Nuananu Avenue and this is where they've been for the scenes that I just mentioned filming at the Rehab Hospital and a number of actors were sighted there. They include: the actors for Locke, Jin, Sun, Sawyer, Claire, Kate, Desmond and Juliet. Yes, Elizabeth Mitchel back in town working again. Now, what makes this interesting is that was again the base camp for the hospital shooting, but there was also a shoot today downtown Honolulu at O'Toole's which is an Irish bar right there on Merchant Street. Also a previous LOST location."

JEN: "That's where Desmond was thwhacked in the head."

RYAN: "Right. It was Desmond's bar. Although I'm presuming they're not in London in this case. In any case they've been there before. But since they were in two locations along Nuananu Avenue, the actors that I just listed, we're not entirely sure which scene or which location they were necessarily working at. They could be at either. We can say that at least at the trailers Kate, curiously enough, was dressed in a robe or maybe a hospital gown. So that was kind of curious. And perhaps she's in the hospital scene."

"But, let's move back downtown again to O'Toole's. They were basically setting up for a stunt or fight scene for Sayid, so Sayid was there, Naveen Andrews as well as Jorge Garcia or Hurley and his yellow Hummer of course omnipresent, now it seems in that scene. And basically what seems to happen is that a bunch of men are having a brawl or a fight on the sidewalk there and Sayid jumps out of Hurley's Hummer and basically gets involved. And he fights with a dark haired man. And perhaps most curiously also on that scene toward the end, Shannon turns up. Yes, Boone's sister, or I guess better said Sayid's on island love interest turns up. She was dressed a little, shall we say, ..."

JEN: "...provocatively?"

RYAN: "...provocatively in that scene. Maybe she was the cause for the brawl and perhaps Sayid gets involved to come to the rescue. I don't know, that's kind of an interesting development for Shannon to turn up and for Sayid to be in the scene, but certainly a resolution I think that a lot of people are hoping for or imagining in their head. "

"And a late report just in that they were filming at a church I'm not sure where. This comes in by text message, but there was a church scene as well because they had extras they were all dressed up as if they were going to, say, a wedding, which would be kind of cool because we're looking for the Locke and Helen wedding perhaps. But it could also be unfortunately, a funeral. And as we've learned on LOST, the wardrobe and locations for both of those events are essentially the same, so we're going to have ot wait and see if we get more details, there. That's just hot off the presses. I do want to thank Wanda for her report, going down and checking it out, and again Francie."

"Now that's the shoots for this week, and certainly I think there's quite a bit to chew on, but I did want ot share one last tidbit that actually comes from an earlier shoot because it was at the Rehab Hospital, the one where they were filming this week, but this was several weeks ago. And as I reported on out podcast, that scene involved Locke and Jack as well and Helen. And now I'm getting basically details on what was gong on at that time. In that earlier scene, Locke was at the hospital because he got injured, and we're presuming that that's the car accident that we also reported on. But he's in the hospital and Jack is there because he happens to be there making his rounds. He wasn't specifically there to see Locke, but he does indeed get into a conversation with Locke to try and get him to take him up on the offer for that free consult that he mentioned at the beginning of the season. And of course Locke was resistant to that. In this scene, he tells Lcoke that you have to have faith. So, a neat little tidbit of dialogue from another scene at that same hospital where it seems everybody is starting to converge and come together. And I do want to thank Billy for his report there as well. So, that's it for the Forward Cabin."

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